Will someone please hurry and snap these up!

A HUGE set of St. Charles’ in Bloomfield, Mich. — and no one’s snapped them up yet. Folks, it does not get any better than this! Please please please, I hope a Retro Renovation reader gets them. They are on the Forum, do not delay!

Hi Pam,  Thanks for the email.   We just closed on the house on Friday.  I am not sure if they are sold.  I am in contact with several parties but they haven’t been purchaeds yet.  My new house is in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  The kitchen cabinets are in absolutely pristine shape, with spice racks, pull out drawers, under cabinet lighting, pantry, desk area etc.  All the cabinetry is the same St. Charles cabinets.  I am also looking to sell the corian ( I believe) countertops with the cabinets/    In the kitchen there are 24 double door cabinets, a couple 25″. a couple 33″, mostly 42″.  at least 6 single cabinets and  3 banks of multiple drawers along with at least 6 single drawers. two of which are lined in felt for silver and those 2 drawers lock!  I will include a picture for your reference.  I am looking to sell these immediately since I don;t want them to get damages once they are removed.  Thanks for all your help!  Nancy


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  1. John Gallagher says


    Just spied your St. Charles Kitchen Cabinets. Are they still available for sale? Thanks, John Gallagher

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