Santa Rosa Sara krashes a neighborhood time capsule and sends us photos

Santa Rosa Sara has the sister affliction to dumpster diving: shamelessly jumping on the opportunity to photograph empty (or estate sale) houses. I have it, too, of course! I am so proud of you Sara — and thank you so much for this great set of time capsule photos.

Hmmm….Meanwhile, can we invent a term for this corollary to Dumpster Diving? Some quick thoughts:

  • Kitsch Krashing?
  • House Hijacking?
  • Estate vultures?

Hmmm, these last two sound too aggressive, and we are a force for good!

  • …More ideas, oh-so-literate readers?

To read all about this great house – and see more photos click here to:

Hi Pam

Kind of a long story, but I just have to share with you a house in my neighborhood!

I just moved into a “new” house (build in 1959). It had been partly renovated within the last several years, but many of the original fixtures are still in place. Talking with my neighbors, I learned about what everyone calls “The Pink House”. It is 100% original and if we want to restore ours to its original condition we should check it out. Since it is currently for sale and vacent. My husband and I peeked in the windows to find a pink kitchen! Needless to say, we were dying to see more!

Last weekend, my daughter informed me that someone was there working on the yard. I grabbed my camera and ran up the street to find the seller of the house, he was kind enough to let me in to take some pictures. Now, I didn’t want to take up too much of his time, so I just snapped a few of the kitchen and bathrooms. He did tell my that it is in escrow, and the buyer is using it as an investment property (I silently freaked out, from the thought of a flip).

While out walking a few days later, I met the buyer who doesn’t plan on changing a thing. She loves everything about the house and will be renting it! She said her biggest problem will be finding a renter who will live in a pink house…but she refuses to change anything!

My husband was happy and sad at the same time when I told him the buyer was keeping the house original….he was really hoping to score some amazing pink appliances for our kitchen!

This is the 1st time the house has been on the market. It was built in 1960 for the wife of the builder of the subdivision. It is her family that is selling it now. She picked out everything for the house and had little extras done including a detached garage. There isn’t another house in the neighborhood with one. Where the garage should have been is a huge game room with a 2nd fireplace. It’s a three bedroom two bath. Other than the kitchen (with original multi colored terrazzo look vinyl floors) and bathrooms, the house has hardwood floors throughout.

I thought you would enjoy the pictures of another pink kitchen, pink bathroom, and mint bathroom that are being saved!



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  1. Sumac Sue says

    I want that pink floor on my floors, walls, ceilings — it’s fantastic! The whole house is great. But, I wonder how that one green bathroom got in there?

  2. sleepingbee says

    I really like the push-button range! Appliances from that era were so much more fun to play with that our current sleek models!

  3. Sara says

    I love Vintage Voyeurism…we really are almost like “Peeping Toms”. Retro Jen…the hinges are actually a dull copper!

  4. Femme1 says

    I’m definitely a “vintage voyeur.” When I take walks around my neighborhood, I often want to knock on peoples’ doors and ask them if I can come if and see if they still have their original bathrooms and kitchens! So far, I haven’t had the nerve.

  5. magnarama says

    Since we’re really spying (albeit legally) — how about Retro Reconnaissance? Plus it goes so nice with RetroReno.


    NOUN: The act or an instance of exploring or investigating: exploration, investigation, probe. See INVESTIGATE.

  6. says

    Magnarama, I love it, it’s perfect! I also thought that Vintage Voyeurism was great – albeit with that element of guilt about. Whereas reconnaissance is about finding information to help a cause. Perfect! Retro Recon it is! 🙂

  7. Tikimama says

    I think we may all have a bit of both – voyeurism guilt or righteous reconnaissance, depending on the situation. I know that when I…uh, I mean someone I know….goes sneaking into vacant homes for sale because she finds an unlocked door, that’s definitely into the guilt factor, because it IS technically illegal. She never touches or takes anything, just looks, and covets!

    Sara, thanks for thinking of us all and getting the pix. Hope you can make friends with the new people and get more photos!

    We are getting ready to move to a new neighborhood, and you can bet I plan on making as many friends as I can, and easing my way into “Do you mind if I take photos of your home to post on the internet?” We’ve been told that most everyone on the block is an original owner (fingers crossed for great original fixtures and 50s/60s furniture!)

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