Readers’ favorite junque shoppes: Harrisburgh, PA

You know they gotta have some good stuff in Harrisburgh, PA. Case in point: A complete 50s home beauty salon! I want I want I want SO BAD! Lousville Cynthia sent me this a long time ago. Are you still with us, Cindy? Thank you!

Hi Pam!! I am now joining your site – I love mid century modern furnishings.. wanted to forward this link to you: – that is my friend’s shop, I believe he still has a yellow metal kitchen…



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  1. troy. says

    This is a great shoppe! I was just there the other week. Tons and tons of stuff on two large warehouse floors. BTW: Nice to see Harrisburg pop up on the mid-century map, so to speek.

  2. Femme1 says

    Omigod! This photo reminds me so much of my mother’s beauty shop in Martinsburg, West Virginia—the Beauty Boutique. She had those same pink chairs, and the dresserettes (that’s what she called them) were constructed exactly the same way, except hers were white and black.

    My job was to scrub the floor on Sunday night; I had to let about a quarter-inch of soapy water stand on the floor for about an hour first to soften the hair spray that coated everything.

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