Lots more great 1960 interiors on season 2 of Mad Men

Yummy headboard and bedspread. Great colors!

Yummy headboard and bedspread. Great colors!

Lots of readers have also told me that they love Mad Men – for its retro interiors, of course — it can’t be all those philandering men and pointy bras, can it? All these photos come from the Mad Men website. My only wish is that that they featured more scenes from Don and Betty’s house, rather than so many of the office. I went thru all Season 1 and plucked these domestic interiors – for our idea trove. Hey, Betty is the name of our Retro Renovation masthead maven. We never chose a name for the Mr. … Should it be… Don?


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  1. maddy123 says

    I am totally addicted to Mad Men. I often replay and freeze the frame to get a look at the artwork, lamps, etc. Drives my husband a little nuts. So impressed with the actors on the show also.

  2. says

    I love this show. Great shots from it. I watch this show for many reasons. One of them is the amazing sets. I do wish they would feature more outside of the office. I love it.

  3. says

    I never watched this show last season. In fact, I’m not even sure I had heard of it until a few months ago. Now I love it and record it every week. I love the interiors!

  4. says

    I am a huge fan of Mad Men as well, as much for the content as the set design. It is fascinating to see the attitudes of circa 1960 (racism, sexism and misogyny, classism, alcoholism, etc.) reproduced so accurately and vividly. The clothes are also fun, and not just the pointed bras. The men’s business attire is remarkable for its sameness and total lack of individuality. The hats on the men are kind of fun, though. And it SO rare to see period dramas with accurate haircuts on the men! No “beatnik” long hair on Mad Men, no sir! Just tight-cut sides and thoroughly Brylcreemed tops. Besides the women’s pointed bras, I really like the tight waists and full (crinolined?) skirts. And of course the interiors. I have a great time trying to spots items that I either grew up with or have now (or both!). In last week’s episode when Don came home to dinner at the table and he and his wife were having a cocktail … the glasses (Libbey’s “Golden Foliage”) are exactly like a set that I grew up with, and a full 100+ -piece set that I recently purchased at a local charity shop for $100!

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