1. astrosonical says

    That’s a beautiful set. I’ll bet it has a BSR changer in it. Other great sets of the period are General Electric, Westinghouse, Sylvania, Zenith, RCA Victor and Magnavox. Yours is especially nice with the glossy finish. Must sound like a dream too!

    • says

      Thanks, Astrosonical, for giving us this info on the other great sets of the period. I will watch for ads and feature them over time. Are there any model years that are particularly collectible? Many thanks!

  2. astrosonical says

    Even though I have 7 consoles of various sizes, and people do collect them, they are not hot in mainstream venues, like pocket transistors of the ’50s and ’60s, etc. Tube sets are most desirable because of their sound quality. I like the Astro-Sonics (transistor amplified) from Magnavox that were offered from 1962 to around 1975. Most manufacturers went strictly transistor by 1964. I am no expert by any stretch, I’m going by what I’ve seen in ads and what I’ve owned. I tried to start collecting all that kind of thing before the home computer era, so I’m grandfathered in. I hope they will get hot before the techies take all of them apart. And you know, the cabinets make great patio carts and liquor cabinets. Eeek!!

  3. Anita says

    The finish on the piece is perfect, much nicer in person than in the photo! On Christmas day I got out some of my families 33RPM Christmas albums and played them on the console and it was truly a blast from the past for us to listen to the sound coming from the imperfect records on this tube stereo. It is without question the best find I’ve ever had (though my vintage oriental lamps are a close 2nd)!

  4. Femme1 says

    Just yesterday, my normal thrifting day, I happened upon a wonderful stereo console in the Salvation Army for $20. It was an RCA model and the cabinet looked a lot like the Broyhill Brasilia line. The top needed refinishing though. I have absolutely NO room for it or I would have snapped it up—it would have made a great bar cabinet or to contain modern stereo components.

  5. astrosonical says

    It’s cool if the original components are wrecked beyond repair, I found an empty set with just the changer left in it. It’s disturbing when people have been known to empty perfect usable sets for projects. Also, a lot of console systems had built in bar components, like some of the European manufacturers during the height of the Cocktail Era.

  6. Shelly says

    I’m so stoked to have found you all! We’re in the process of remodelling our 1957 ranch basement with a mid century vibe. I drove past my neighbors’ this afternoon and spied a victor stereo console out by the garage…they gave it to us…we brought it home, plugged it in, and danced to Ella all afternoon! Any ideas on how I could find out more about the model??? the model # is VLT 16 W…
    Thanks in advance!

  7. astrosonical says

    Congrats Shelly! Is your set tube or transistor? Large or small? What style? Inquiring minds want to know! Dancing to Ella in the soon to be rec room in your ’57 ranch sounds like my kind of happy! I’ll check the internet and see if I can find some clues.

  8. Shelly says

    Thank you!! It was so neat to see our kids go from “what’s that????” to “that’s so cool!!!”. The cabinet stands about 26″ H by 46″L and 17″D. The top is definately formica, while the front appears to be a “teakish” toned wood. I’ll confess I don’t know the difference between a tube and transistor..:) How do I tell??? I’d be more than happy to post a pic if you could tell me how…:)

  9. astrosonical says

    For pictures, I think Pam inserts them at the moment, she or one of the other members might clue you in. To tell the difference between tube and transistor, tubes require about a minute to warm up and provide sound. Transistor on your set may say “Solid State” or “New Vista”. Tubes are preferred by audiophiles for their rich sound. And if you have tape input jacks on the back, you can plug in an iPod or a CD player. I have a wireless transmitter all my radios can pick up, those are handy. Enjoy!

  10. Heidi Swank says

    I have an early 1960s Grundig Majestic stereo console that I picked up for about $200 at a second hand store. It’s complete with the customs paperwork from its trip from Warsaw, Poland and the tag that says “You saw this product advertised in Life.” The finish is in mint condition, except for one small blemish. However, the tubes are in desperate need of cleaning and the turntable, which used to work when I bought it, has stopped turning. I live in Las Vegas. Does anyone know where I could take the stereo to get it fixed? I’m more than willing to drive it to LA, if necessary. Thanks!

  11. Gloria says

    Hiya there

    I’m trying to find out what make of majestic stereo my father owned. It begins with Har……its solid state with a 7 inch record player one side and VHF/FM stereo the othet side. It’s beautiful just needs some tlc. Can anyone help???

  12. Brian Becker says

    hey astro I have a vintage grundige consoles stereo with a short wave radio my grand father think it is about the late 50’s early 60’s made by a coumpany in germany i will have pic tomarrow it is in mint condition no scratches. how much you think it is worth or if I should hang on to it. please help!!!!

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Brian. No buying/selling or valuing on the main part of the blog, but I left this up since there seem to be a few huge fans of this particular model out there. Perhaps they can point you in a helpful direction. Good luck.

  13. R. Brower says

    Hello all! Today I found an RCA Victor New Vista Solid State Stereo Model VGT-29L on the side of the road, good thing I have a truck! I have since spent hours trying to find information about it online. It has two booklets with it (the promo tag that was on it at the store describing all of its features, and the instruction manual). They are in EXCELLENT condition. As far as I can see, the parts inside the cabinet are in good condition as well, though the dial that selects FM/AM/record is stuck in the record position. Everything inside looks clean. I’m not a collector of these things and was wondering how bad it would be if I gutted it and used it for a television stand. Should I keep it intact? I know we aren’t supposed to value things on this blog, but will I kick myself later if I take the electronic parts out of it? Does anyone know where I can find information on this neat console?

  14. David Myers says

    RCA Victrola radio Model VLT 29 L

    My mother has one of these. Has had it since about 1953, still works. Anyone know what these are worth? I cannot find any info on it.

  15. GrooveMills says

    I recently acquired a RCA Victor model VLT74 “The Beaucaire” from my grandmother. I have a background in recording engineering and love most things vintage so you can imagine my excitement to receive such a piece. I moved it into my house with my father much to the chagrin of his aging back… We plugged the old girl in and voila, she sounds amazing (wished for tubes…happy with transistors…for now……).

    I have been trying to find information on the unit and to my dismay it’s as if it never existed. Entering any of the information I provided at the beginning of this post into Google produces little to no useful information. I really would like to open the unit and check out the workings. Primarily however, I would like to know where to solder the wires from the turntable arm to the cartridge as it is not currently attached. I am proficient with an iron but, don’t want to just wing it and hope it works.

    If anyone has any information or knowledge of this or similar units please contact me.

    I would be happy to provide pictures of the piece as well. It really is in quite great shape!

    Thank you,


    • pam kueber says

      Hi GrooveMills, be sure to subscribe to these Comments to see if anyone responds! Good luck, sounds beautiful!

  16. Jeffrey T says

    What you have there is a Korting Delmonico… driven amp and shortwave. Telefunken turntable. Mine is an exact match.

  17. Rachel says

    Hello all 🙂 was searching for information on a stereo console model VLT28L. Record player and am fm radio. Can’t seem to get any volume when i play the records but the radio volume works great. Any ideas ?

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