A very early set of steel kitchen cabinets, from the 40s, in New Jersey

Wow, these are very early steel kitchen cabinets – the ebay listing says that they are from a New Jersey estate, installed in the 40s, and I believe it. Capitol is the name of a N.J. company that was started pretty early…other names from the period are Dieterich and Elgin — you can see photos from 1933-34 for these two companies over on the Forum under All About Steel Kitchen Cabinets — where some 60+ brands are being chronicled.  Looking at these NJ estate cabinets – they certainly look like they could be Dieterichs or Elgins.

Any East coast readers with a 30s or 40s home who want a wonderful historical steel kitchen? This appears to be a very desirable set, indeed.

Click on through…9 photos in all…


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