Recreate this lovely green laminate kitchen from 1959

Following up on Monday’s exciting post about the Arpa USA palette of solid-color laminates, let’s take a look at how to use this material to recreate this 1959 Ma Bell kitchen. It would be oh-so-easy! Elements include:

  • Laminate cabinetry using Arpa’s “Jardin” colorway.
  • Cabinet pulls: Rejuvenation’s new midcentury “sharp arch”, in satin chrome
  • Countertops are also laminate – I like Arpa’s “Off White” but there are 4 whites that could work – Off White, Snowbound, Dover White and Downy — that you can eyeball in your kitchen – and test adjacent to your appliances.
  • On the floor, I’d put Armstrong’s faux-brick vinyl sheet, Saguaro in birch white
  • And if you can scrounge them up — this kitchen also deserves a pink stovetop, built-in ovens, and even fridge…
  • If you can’t find pink or don’t want vintage –  the Sub-Zero with appliance white panels and the old-style vent at the top, makes for a mighty fine authentic mid mod look. Pair it with a vintage range.
  • For a sink – stainless steel from Elkay, they have lots of great designs straight from the era.


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  1. anita says

    Before I started reading this blog I had in mind that when Nathan & I move from our ‘built-from-a-model 2001 home’ in Manteca we would move into a custom home. I had for years been thinking of things I had to have in the house and have a list started. We have done quite a bit in an effort to get the vintage feel in this house, but of course are working with all new architcture, moldings, doors etc. After seeing so many posts on this website about the amazing houses of the 1960s and drooling over them I realize now that finding one of those homes would fill so many items on my ‘custom home checklist’ and would fit us perfectly. I am in constant awe of the style, colors, fabrics and what seems to be true innovation of the time (unlke my 2001 nothing-is-unique house). The website has made me reminisce of my aunts & uncles and cousins homes that were 1960s groovy, the courtyards that sat in the center of the house, the planter space along the real stone wall in the living room, the large angled windows near the ceiling etc.
    When the housing market turns back around and we get to sell this place and move on, it will be a move to a fabulous 1960s ranch. What a great thing to look forward to! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. says

    Anita – Thank YOU for such a lovely note. It’s been so fun to get your emails and see your purchases.

    Yes, dearie, it sounds like there is a 60s ranch out there waiting just for you and Nathan, when the time is right! 🙂

  3. joan massey says

    Hello Pam;
    Thank you for your wonderful site. I am trying to bring back a 1964 McGinnes 2 bedroom travel trailer and your site is great.

  4. Carol Panetta says

    Love this green! I am planning to paint my all wood (even wood laminate counters) 1956 kitchen and was just bemoaning the fact that I can’t seem to wrap my head around turquoise cabinets, as much as I want to. I think this green will fit the bill nicely, with a bit of orange… thanks for the inspiration! Love the blog; can’t stop reading it.

  5. Angela says

    Well, I’m trying to post a pic of my recently painted vintage pink oven. My kitchen countertops are light green laminate. I’m going to paint my cabinets white, currently they’re beige and change out my cabinets pulls. Add some ruffly pink drapes for the kitchen window, pink, blue, green, and white hand towels. The floors need to be changed. They’re sort of beige 12″ tiles. Not sure what to do about that. Any ideas?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Angela, the oven looks great. Re your cabinets: Wow, that paint finish on them currently looks great, and the color, too. Why do you want to change it?

      • Angela says

        The cabinets were painted about 5 years ago. Was thinking of just painting the cabinet doors and drawers white and leaving the rest beige so it would be two toned. I saw some great looks for the two toned cabinets. What would make the most improvement would be to change the cabinet pulls and add some vintage inspired ones and a few other vintage inspired items. I also have a brick backsplash that’s painted a little darker beige and would like to change that.

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