Nancy pines over the Star Line Housewares bathroom hardware that got away

Glamorlux Nancy sends in this beautiful retro bathroom hardware set — which got away from her in an ebay auction a year ago. MIB — good stuff.

Hi Pam,

Thanks so much for featuring our bathroom! We were “tickled pink” (har, har) to see our little bathroom on the  World Wide Web!

I’ve been meaning to tell you:  These starburst “Star Line Housewares, Inc.” bathroom accessories were up for bid on eBay over a year ago.  I was outbid on them and have been kicking myself ever since for not putting down a higher bid. Wouldn’t it be amazing if some modern company like Rejuvenation repro-ed these?! Here is the tumbler/toothbrush holder, soap dish, double robe hook, tissue holder and towel ring.

I’m ashamed to say that I only bid $102, and they went for the next highest bid. When I saw I had been outbid, I actually shed tears – which I’d never done before or since over an eBay auction. I sorta became obsessed with them (you always want “the one that got away”), and even emailed the high bidder, asking her to sell them to me at a nice profit. She was very sweet, but declined. She’s restoring the bathroom in her 50’s ranch house (she was also redoing a pink kitchen). Hey, maybe she visits your blog, and can show us pictures of her wonderful, perfect vintage bathroom with the starburst accessories in place! Grrrrrrr…

Thanks, Nancy. Alas. Rejuvenation, are you watching?


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