On my retro radar: Pierre Cardin kitchen cabinets on ebay

Speedway Ron (our new steel cabinet hunter) spotted these Pierre Cardin cabinets (which are not steel) on ebay. What do you think, 1980s? I’m getting the heebeejeebee’s now, those were scary design years for now…although I like these cabinets, tres chic!


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  1. says

    Pierre Cardin was a big deal when I was in college … mid to late 1970s. We all HAD to have his cologne. But remember it was the beginning of the disco era … polyester double-knit leisure suits, nylon shirts with “wing” collars and unbuttoned to the navel, platform shoes, pucca shell necklaces, mood rings, “shag” haircuts … that should tell you something about taste at the time.

  2. tristanf says

    This is part of a bedroom set….one dresser and two cabinets, usually used as nightstands. Definitely not kitchen cabinets.

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