Mando is on the lookout for this dream sofa

Armando in LA sends us this appeal:

My search for a retro/vintage sofa has begun. I, like most of your readers (as noted after reading Bob’s sofa story), am obsessed with finding the right sofa for me for the right price. Since the feedback to Bob’s story included some comments from readers including examples of sofa’s that were similar to Bob’s and where to find, I wanted to know if you could post a photo of vinyl black sofa that slipped through my fingers recently. It was listed on Craigslist in TX, I’m in Los Angeles, and it would have been too expensive to buy/ship. I didn’t feel comfortable with purchasing something I didn’t see first. I don’t know where I’m able to send the photo of the sofa to you, but I’d like to try this. I move into my new place in November and I am really hoping to have the sofa part figured out. Here is the sofa and thank you! I hope one of your readers can find something like it somewhere in Los Angeles. Thank you.

Thank you, Mando, for writing. That sofa sure is a classic beauty – very similar to Bob’s find from Macy’s! And please be assured, now that you have put your retro vibes out there, the decorating gods will send you the sofa that’s just right.


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  1. jill says

    i found a threesome in black vinyl on craigslist – chicago!! i realize its been some time since he posted this but who knows…perhaps he hasnt found his jones yet.

    good luck!

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