Betsy Wetsy

Oh my goodness.

Does everybody have this experience?: You see something on ebay or in a store. A huge wave of emotion rolls across you. You had forgotten you had this item as a child. Seeing it again… years laters… is sweet… bittersweet.

Oh my goodness, a Betsy Wetsy! Mommy, can I have this for Christmas? Again? I know this is small-time racketeering, but don’t bid, anyone!


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  1. says

    I know exactly what you mean, Pam. It happned most recently for me with a toy car called a Crashmobile. It also happened with the child’s stool in the bathroom photos that I send you (and in that case, it happened to a lot of people … the eBay bidding was fast and furious, and the final price was very high). It is odd how objects that are almost nonsensical can engender such intense memory-based emotions.

    Good luck bidding! I hope the price does not get too high.

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