Memphis Kristin wants to remove the TV antenna from her 1953 ranch home — Help!

Memphis Kristin sends this photo of her awesome Memphis ranch – I love it, it’s perfect!

Here’s what she has to say:

We just purchased a 1953 “mini-ranch” in Memphis, TN and are in the slow process of bringing it back to some glory (it is in pretty great shape to begin with; one family owner from 1953-2007). The current beast is a MASSIVE metal antenna that is affixed to the chimney with an aluminum strap with a wire leading from said antenna grounding it to an old exhaust pipe on the roof.  How do we safely remove this?  It looks like the wire from the pipe leads to more wire at the back of the utility room where all the wiring for the phone/cable/etc seem to collect.

If you or any one you have known has ever done anything like this, let me know.  I want it gone before winter even if I have to pay someone! And if you recommend hiring someone, who should do it?  An electrician?

Due to the oak foliage of our huge backyard shadetree, it is difficult to see the antenna, but if you look closely at the chimney and above, you can see it on there like a star on a christmas tree!

Can anyone out there help? Thanks, Kristin! Can you tell me, though, do they really call these “mini-ranches” down in Memphis? I am curious….


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  1. sablemable says

    Kristin, I think the white looks rather nice with that color brick, but I’m also tired of white trim on my brick ranch and want to change colors.

    Try the Benjamin Moore visualizer that Pam talked about. It’s a great tool and lots of fun to use! I’ve almost settled upon a light yellow-green color for my house as it really brings the color of the brick out (orange-tan brick).

  2. Jeanne says

    Beautiful looking home, Kristin. I just discovered this post after reading your landscaping post. 🙂 Coincidentally my husband just took down the antenna off of our 1952 bungalow last weekend. He did it himself. He just asked our next door neighbors to move their cars out of their driveway in case it fell while he lowered it down. He put it out on trash day and a trash picker was driving by and took it immediately. I’m sure he got money for the metal. I’m glad it got recycled. I think we were the last house on the street to still have an antenna on the roof.

  3. RetroHousewifeGlamour says

    Leave the antenna for the sake of nostalgia. The thing received some great old TV shows. We still use one of these to get a great signal for digital TV. Way better than rabbit ears! If you aren’t in to it, you could always sell it. They also work for tomato stakes or rose arbors…

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