Can I save my hootie ring?

DC Girl Rebecca sent in this question about hootie rings. Yes — hootie rings!!

do you know if anyone sells just the metal rim to go around sinks? I have a fantastic, huge cast iron sink that I want to reuse after replacing our countertops, but a plumber I had in recently said I couldn’t because no one makes that edging anymore and it’s next to impossible to remove the sink without damaging it.

This can’t be true, can it?


I consulted with John V. of, who explains:

Hi Pam;
Unfortunately, the plumber is fairly accurate.  Quite a few of those old Hootie rings were made specifically for the sink, and once the sink is discontinued, the ring goes as well.  The best I could recommend to your reader is to hit up local, well established plumbing houses and hope there’s one kicking around in the warehouse…

I’ve saved them before, and I’ve lost them before as well.  It just depends on what material was used to seal the ring onto the old countertop.  I would certainly give it a go.  And, as long as the ring isn’t physically broken, a body shop can probably repair the damage incurred during removal.  Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?

Believe it or not, the ring were originally made by Hootie Manufacturing.  Love the name….


Love that name, too, John, thank you!

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  1. lambchop1968 says

    I have the hootie rings on both bathroom sinks. I redid the countertops but didn’t replace the sinks. The ring wasn’t the color I wanted for the updated bathrooms, so I painted my hootie rings! I finished off w/several coats of clear varnish. So far it seems to be working well and I am very happy w/the way it looks:)

  2. Leslie says

    I’m a little late to the party here, but there is only one company, to my knowledge, that still makes true-to-the-period cast iron bath and kitchen sinks with Hootie rings and that company is CECO.

    To my knowledge, you cannot by the ring ala carte, you need to buy the sink and ring together, but these sinks are the real deal.

    CECO’s web site is terrible, but their phone number is posted at and you can call them. They are in Santa Anna, CA.

    Or, you can log on to and take a look at some of CECO’s products. Here is just one to get you started:—White-(Pictured-in-Evergreen)-19186.asp

    • pam kueber says

      Leslie, we have written about CECO including speaking with the company directly — they should come right up in our Search box or in Kitchen Help/Sinks and Bathroom Help/Sinks..

      Kohler has the Delafield — use the Search box or category.

      And see all our stories about Vance Industries — where you can still get hudee rings — Use the search box or category.

      This story that you commented on is a quite old one… we are all over this issue!!!! Thanks!

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