Dotty finds vintage Drexel, Henredon and more at “the rural Goodwill goldmine”

Dotty has found a great stash of furniture at her local Goodwill! Some yummy finds, for sure!Dotty writes:

Dear Pam,

As I have been working over the past year renovating our 1959 ranch here in Columbus, Ohio I have been using the time in between projects to search for affordable MCM furniture and accessories.  I live in Columbus, but drive 45 min to Delaware, Ohio for work.  Between clients (I am a hairstylist) I love to browse the local Goodwill.  What I have found is something that those in Delaware haven’t caught on to yet. In Columbus, the MCM look has become so popular with shops like The Boomerang Room and The Mod shop that the selection is priced way out of my league. Over the past 3 months I have found  many treasures.  I spent last Friday in the Goodwill  with my camera flushed by stares of confusion.  I took some pictures of a Henredon bedroom suite priced @ $379, a formica table with iron chairs that I recently saw on ‘I Love Lucy” and A Slidetable dining room set with original fabric.  There is also a ‘too die for’ couch (as I resist the dark side to buy it) with green nylon fabric and a pink chair that I did buy that I have no where to put.  ( I have over 18 chairs currently…anybody want a few retro, MCM chairs?) I have also found great pillows, pinch pleat curtains, barware and records.  The great people at Goodwill are flexible with the prices if the item has a bit of damage or has been hanging around for a while. They also accept returns.  The down side is that I had to ignore a man laying on another couch starring at me with a saliva filled grin. Goodwill, my new friend. Dotty    Love the site and all the RR addicts!

Thank you, Dotty! Thanks for all these photos and prices that will inspire much envy RR-land wide!


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  1. Femme1 says

    Oh. My. God.

    I live 4 hours from Columbus, but I just might have to drive over for a look.

    Dotty, it sounds like you and I are cut from the same cloth. I’ve collected mid-century stuff for years, and everytime I went out on my normal Saturday thrift shop/yard sale jaunt, my husband would always tell me that I’d come back with either a chair or a dish. I’ve donated a bunch of my chairs to my kids, who now have their places decorated with my leftover mid-century stuff!

  2. says

    I live in Columbus too, I know the Goodwill you are talking about, the big one in Delaware right? It’s a great store, I make trips up there to visit my parents in Ashley and always try to stop in there. I wish I had room for furniture!!

  3. Mr. 50's says

    Do you all know where I can find boomerang countertops in Columbus OH?
    Involved with a restoration project and need countertops for my new refurbished cabinets.

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