Nancy completes her yellow 50s bathroom

From Nancy’s yellow 50s bathrooms

Maryland Nancy has completed the retro renovation of her 50s bathroom – and it’s spectacular. Nancy gutted two small, worn bathrooms to create one larger guest bath. She was intent on maintaining the mid mod feel – and incorporated original yellow fixtures. I recall at one point, she emailed me that she had finally chosen her tile colors – and was so happy that the blog gave her confidence to embrace color. This bathroom is a testament to take some chances! Nancy, you have a beautiful eye, way to go!
Nancy writes:

Pam-  Thought I would send you some pictures of our new bathroom (we combined 2 half baths).  We are very pleased & everyone that has seen it thinks it looks just like our other bathrooms.  We can’t have a better compliment!  Still looking for that perfect chenille rug & scales.  The lighting of the camera doesn’t allow true color but I hope you can tell what it looks like.  So pleased w/ the tile selection & the different patterned floor.  Please notice the great lights over the sink & in shower area- one of your ebay finds!  Great & I love them!  I like the Vera hand towel & monogrammed towel ( actually from the previous owner’s- haven’t gotten it copied yet).

All of the worry & concern over details are not apparent but I guess made for a good final results… I tried to use everything that I possibly could that was original.  The yellow sink & toilet were in one of the original baths.  The tile is Moonbeam & Crisp Linen (Dal tile) & the floor is the Square Random Biscuit.  The before pictures are very hard to tell what is what- not a very large space.
Readers, notice how Nancy used the two tile colors to great effect — e.g. Moonbeam behind the sink and as a trim color, Crisp Lemon elsewhere. The brick / rug / woodbeam are a perfect color complement to the yellow. And, I love the bird prints – terrific graphic punch!

I asked Nancy about the great little tiled shelf next to the sink:

That was kind of funny (looking back).  I told my young painter (who had never done this large a project & was doing everything) that the boomerang shape was very big back then.  Thought we could maybe do that.  When I came home he had taken the ironing board & cut out a top.  He had tiled it & everything!  It looked like I could go straight from the washing machine to the counter top & get my ironing done.  I labored over whether to tell him how much it was bothering me.  I got up the nerve & he was relieved because he hated it too.  The previous bath has that dressing area (w/ the great Formica top) & this bath needed to have someplace for guests to put their things when showering…  I had thought it would be much larger- then we ran in to the brick wall (literally) which housed the incinerator in a closet on the other side.  So, that is the story of the little counter.  I wanted to use both of the tiles we had used on the walls.

Thanks so much for all of your help with this project!


(you can click on slide show to view much larger images)


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  1. nancyb says

    Just delightful! Looks original to me… Love the light fixture over the shower and the vaulted ceiling. Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. jkaye says

    What a pleasant bathroom. I once was in an MCM home that had been built by a contractor for his family, and then added onto and re-arranged over the years as the family grew. The family had a lot of inherited things like oriental rugs and antiques which they weren’t afraid to use. It all blended together in this same organic way. Very nice!

  3. jkaye says

    And I notice a sweet little dog who is not afraid to go into a bathroom. Our dog would never go into a bathroom alone like that — she thinks the tub will grab her and give her a bath!

  4. says

    Lovely, lovely bathroom. My husband accuses me of spending too much time in the bathroom. This one I would never want to leave. Very charming and inviting. I’m jealous of your vintage yellow fixtures. I only have white in both my bathrooms. 🙁

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