Tile designs for your retro bathroom

50s tile floor

I’m always on the lookout for examples of how to use basic 4″ square tiles in ways to add flair to a retro renovation bathroom. Humblelabor, a flickr friend, has a wonderful little collection of time images going – with a few featured here today.

retro tile floor from the 50s

In this simple design, glossy 4x4s are combined to wonderful effect. But, be careful if you are cutting them in half to create a triangle, to keep the ‘sharp’ cut side close to the edge of the room. Once cut, this edge will not have the same smooth finish as a normal molded tile. It will be scratchy or worse on your bare feet. Use a really good tile cutter to get the edge as smooth as you can.

retro floor tile with leaf design

This floor uses 1×1″ mosaic tiles – again, making great use of triangular-shaped pieces to create a snazzy design.


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  1. John Q says

    Two bueatiful examples of tile work. I will have to retro-renovate my main bathroom and I have been thinking grey tile with black trim and vise versa in shower area. Keeps it neutral but then I can spice it up with colorful towels and rugs to suit my mood.
    I love how in the second image they created an image of leaf just by rotating the triangle cut pieces. Reminds me of etcher drawings.

  2. says

    Wow! These are beautiful! And this is so timely, seeing as I am up to my ears in tile! I have lots of pink tiles up for auction right now, and my ReStore has a ton of it that they are begging me to take off their hands. If any of you need tiles to repair a project, or are looking for ceramic tiles, you can email me at karmi_woolfe @ yahoo dot com. Thanks for the glorious inspiration, Pam!

    • pam kueber says

      Glen – go up to blue navigation bar…. PRODUCTS… Bathrooms… Tile… for our identified tile resources. BTW, B&W may be your best bet – but look at all the possible sources. PEOPLE: USE THE NAVIGATION BAR PLS!

  3. sandra anderson says

    love your stuff, my hubby and i are mad for retro and are redoing bathrooms in our home built in 49 so this is great inspiration.

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