Dishmaster faucets: Dishwashing the easy way

Dishmaster faucet ad 1950

Dishmaster kitchen faucets are not only stylish — they are functional, too. In the postwar era, there was a Gadget Revolution, with an explosion of labor saving devicies for the kitchen, in particular. The Dishmaster fit right into that mold, promising to make a tedious task easier on your hands and enjoyable, even.

Ronda handles customer service at Silver Stream, which manufactures the Dishmaster today. And she underscores, that when the girls clean up at her house after Thanksgiving — everyone fights over who gets to use the Dishmaster. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?

With Christmas around the corner – consider Dishmasters for gifts for friends, family, “the house” — anyone moving into a new/old house or with a retro renovation kitchen project under way.

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  1. Mike Sessums says

    We just bought a Dishmaster for our 1959 Avion silver trailer. Its a perfect match. We love it.

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