Midcentury modern bathroom tile floors – two new choices from Daltile

From Midcentury bathroom flooring choices

Retro style mosaic floor tile choices — suitable for midcentury bathroom floors – easily available from major manufacturers – continue to grow. Prowling around this weekend, I spotted these two new options from Daltile: They are part of the Folio One collection and are another take on a pinwheel mosaic. Next: I’m researching hexagonal tiles suitable for a 50s 60s bathroom floor.

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From Midcentury bathroom flooring choices


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  1. vacationbarbie says

    I may have to go back to the Daltile store and look at some more choices. I went to order my Random Mosaic in Marble and it’s back ordered until mid January. We had to rip up the vinyl to repair the subfloor (to pass inspection) so we have bare wood right now.

  2. bsmet94 says

    I can’t find the “random” pattern on the DalTile website. There are many cool patterns there, and the link is: http://daltileproducts.com/tile_patterns.cfm
    Outside links are few and far between here. The good side of that, however, is that I often stumble across really neat stuff trying to track down the items that Pam mentions having found on the web.

  3. bsmet94 says

    I should have mentioned that those are patterns for big tiles, but they have a lot of really neat patterns that would be easily scaled down to 1 x 1, 1 x 2, and 2 x 2 tiles for a bathroom floor.

  4. says

    bsmet, when in doubt – always first try my new Fast & Easy sections. This one is in flooring: If you read it, it says search Keystones to get to these:


    Please also know, one of my key goals for 2009 is to continue to improve this site in terms of making it easier to navigate to key recommendations. The reason that I don’t put direct links – is because it is detrimental to my google rankings…which is how readers find the blog to begin with. To remedy this, I have been trying to remember to add keywords or even non-linked url’s that can get you to the resource. It’s a work in process that I assure you, is consuming my life!

  5. says

    Pam, I have a question…Our vintage bathroom has a fabulous tile floor, but the grout…um…isn’t white. Is there any way to get it back to what must have been its original state?

  6. says

    Jen: I am started to capture all Cleaning questions on the Fast & Easy Answers section – on the nav bar at the top and the sidebar just to the right of the main post. There are two posts on cleaning tile – including one on grout. Let me know if that is what you are looking for.

    Please also know – I will be working in the new year to make it easier to find all the resources/answers captured in the past year. The site is getting so big, even I am having trouble finding things! So improving this aspect of navigation will be a top objective.

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