Merry Retro Christmas

Wishing You a Merry ‘Vintage’ Christmas! from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Kitty Mommy writes:

I’d love either to see some photos of what others are doing in their homes in terms of Christmas decorating or to hear some ideas of what to look for, if one were building their Mid Century Modern Christmas collection!

What advice do you have for Kitty Mommy, readers? And, send me your photos and I’ll post them here as well. Pam at RetroRenovation dot com.


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  1. Dave Thompson says

    I found this retro styled video on the web and thought you would enjoy it. Really well done!

    (Pam here: Thanks, Dave. Video now posted above. Agreed – terrific!)

  2. says

    I don’t have much; but I did splurge on a 5ft Aluminum Tree this year. First christmas in my own place and it suits my (thrift shop) vintage place. I got a nice one off eBay with semi-pompom ends. I also bought a 60s felt tree skirt applique kit that I’m slowly attempting to put together. NOS is good for stuff like that. Depends how kitsch you want to go with Christmas…mid-century is awesome for the kitsch!

  3. vacationbarbie says

    That was fun!

    I have a collection of vintage ornaments…some family things…some purchased on eBay and thrift stores. My goal is to get a tree put up next weekend…after we finish pulling out tack strip and a gazillion staples out of the hardwood floor. (Happy to report so far the wood floors look great under the carpet!) I’ll send a picture when I do.

  4. Palm Springs Stephan says

    I have a 5 foot aluminum tree in the original box (from Alcoa! whatever happened to Alcoa commercials on TV?), an original motorized stand that makes the tree rotate (painted white with gold flecking, with original box), an original 4-color colorwheel that makes the tree “change color” (also with original box … I’m an Antiques Roadshow-style purist). I also have a full collection of StarBrite brand 1950s tree ornaments … the simple glass balls … and an old tree skirt.
    Apart from the tree, I have a few other odds and ends that my mother kept for the past 50 years, including a paper three-dimensional tabletop snowman with felt accessories, a pair of red candles with foamy wax applied to look like snow (complete with clear glitter to give the “snow” sparkle), an old brass trumpeting angel whirlygig that operates by candle power (rising heat turns a set of blades to make the angel spin), and some old massive pine cones from south Georgia that my mother dusted with that fake “snow in a can” aerosol spray-on snow (those date to 1960, when we lived in Valdosta, GA, very briefly).
    I will be putting the tree up this weekend and will send a photo.
    And I don’t even like Christmas! Bah, humbug!

  5. says

    Ok everybody: Send me a jpeg of your aluminum tree! I brought one down from the attic this morning as well. Yes, found MIB at an estate sale last year. I worked very hard to appear disinterested as I bargained, last day of the sale.

    I see a photo gallery in the works.

  6. sumacsue says

    Shiny Brite ornaments! Love my Shiny Brites.

    Plastic candles in the windows. I play it safe with white lightbulbs, but, my grandma would use orange or red or blue lights in the candles, sometimes all of the colors mixed together. She still does this, come to think of it.

    Little plastic decorations that sit here and there, such as a little plastic nativity scene that’s only about five inches high, brown plastic with little plastic figures inside, and metallic glitter on top (I’ll send a photo.) These were cheapies that kids would get from someone like a Sunday School teacher. They ended up somewhere in the house like on a bedroom dresser — they could not compete with the big nativity scene that, in our house, always sat on top of the TV, of all places. (The TV was in a big wooden cabinet, of course, so there was plenty of room — you couldn’t do this with a flat screen TV, of course!)

    The right music, too — gotta have the “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” album by the Ray Coniff Singers. Also, those old collections of Christmas songs put out by Firestone Tires. I think you can find this music all on CDs now, but, my mom still has the old albums.

    We had an aluminum tree with the colorwheel when I was a kid, as Stephan described. But, alas, it was sold in a yard sale when my parents moved in the mid-80s. I hope it’s still bringing joy to someone out there.

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