Broyhill Brasilia – a beautiful mid-century furniture line

Broyhill Brasilia

Look at this fabulous Broyhill Brasilia dresser (credenza) from flickr friend antonym. I saw it on his photostream and thought it would be a great add to the blog – as part of name game cataloguing and ogling of mid century furniture lines from makers that don’t get as much viz. Click the image to get to antonym’s photostream – many thanks, a!


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  1. Robert says

    If you want to own furniture like this–just frequent thrift shops and within 2 months you will find one. May have to refinish but what I find odd about this era and style—most are well cared for and don’t need refinishing like most other furniture at thrift stores. That is just the way it seems to me when I come across them at thrift stores.

  2. says

    I own the Broyhill Brasilia room divider, which is a gorgeous piece. Pam, I sent you a picture! I found it at a vintage store in fantastic shape, but paid $400 for it. Considering it’s going for around $1200 on ebay, I consider it a great buy. Recently, I ended up finding a Broyhill Saga credenza at the Goodwill for $25, but it was in pretty bad shape and I had to restore it.

  3. Carolyn says

    I just found/fell in love w/ this line. I got a dining table and 4 chairs for $400 on craigslist and a buffet off CL for $150- The chairs need some refinishing/restoring but I think a little Watco Danish Walnut oil will do the job!

  4. says

    Yowza, if you are out and about and get some pics for the blog, that would be great, Christopher! I am starting new pages on readers’ favorite furniture lines based on all the Brasilia excitement!

  5. St. Christopher says

    My girlfriend Riina picked up a Nine drawer dresser just like the one pictured above at the Salvation Army thrift store downtown St. Louis a few weeks ago ($35!!!). That’s all it took. I am now obsessed with the Brasilia line.

    I’m headed out to the far reaches of the county to lay claim to a 9 piece dining room set tomorrow. Big table with 3 leaves, 6 chairs, buffet, large china cabinet. This is going in her new place as it is a 60’s home and mine is a 50’s. If I get it I will finally be able to take my Russel Wright Conant Ball dining table home!

  6. St. Christopher says

    Holy Cow, I just scored a Brasilia queen headboard (and full footboard…anybody need to trade?) for $75! And Pam, I’ll be sending you some pics of the furnished rooms soon, or I’ll just put them on a flickr account. When it rains, it pours!

    • Lin says

      Dear St. Christopher,

      Are you selling the Queen Brasila. I do not have a trade. I have the dresser and Dresser draws and would love the bed and also still looking for the night stands. I brought my stuff from the Salvation Army Less than $200 bucks when I did not have any furniture and some one wanted the night stands and I could not talk them out of it. So I got the two pieces above. I Love this furniture too.

  7. pamela says

    Hi, I am so happy with my Broyhill Brasilia china cabinet I just bought yesterday at a thrift store for $30.!. Didn’t know what it was till I got it home and looked it up on the internet, just knew I liked it! Thanks for providing this site and educating me!

  8. wendy says

    Looking for Broyhill Brasilia to call my own, reasonable prices. If anyone is willing to sell off some of what they’ve got, please give me a holler. I’ll use PayPal to purchase and figure out shipping on my own. My dream pieces are the buffet/bar with fold-out top and the buffet with hutch that has glass only in the upper left hand corner.

  9. Art says

    I was making my weekly rounds of the local thrift store and came across a Broyhill Basilia Serving Cart with tile top in excellent condition for $20.00. Was the steal of the decade for me.

  10. Melissa Leslie says

    I found two console type pieces that would make great nightstands. A Brasilia expert told me they are from the Brasilia II line of furniture. Does anyone know the history of this line? Is the quality as good as the first line?

  11. lin says


    I would like to buy a Queen size bed brasilia and night stands. Any one selling at reasonable price.

  12. Juliet says

    I just got the dresser like the one from flickr off Craigslist for $20. When I called the guy listing it I begged him not to sell it to anyone else and he said, “Don’t worry- we were just going to burn it so if you want it that bad for some reason, I’ll make sure you get it.” One man’s trash is definitely another’s treasure! I LOVE it! We are going to use it as a buffet/sideboard in our dining room. Now that I’m looking up info on the line it makes me want to find more pieces 🙂

  13. John from KC says

    Does anybody have a Brasilia catalog? I want to change to living room to the line and I’d love to see what was made so I can begin my search.

    I’m never as lucky as some of these posts – that is to find this stuff cheap! I always buy high and sell low!

  14. Sue says

    My mom had this dining set, and I had just decided to put it in my house but I was going to try to refinish it. Now that I know what I have, I think I should keep it original. Now I want more pieces.

  15. Dawn says

    We just bought our first pieces of this line at the most unlikely of places… didn’t know what it was, just that we LOVED it. Got a Full headboard/footboard/rails, tall chest of drawers and a 9-drawer bureau with mirror for $175 complete. CRAZY!! Now that I know there are night stands out there somewhere, I’m going to be a madwoman scouring the thrift stores & Craigslist. LOL I was definitely born in the wrong era.

    • pam kueber says

      Wow, the Retro Decorating Gods sure delivered unto you! Send me a pic when you have the bedroom all in and decorated!

  16. stephanie says

    Just came back from resale shop and found a Brasilia dining set with 3 leaves (sp) and six chairs, paid 150.00. Is this a good buy? Found 3 dressers and a mirror for 19.00 each. Love this line of furniture, but I think I’m going to sell.

    • lin says

      The dressers are they from a bedroom set. I would like to buy two night stands and a long credenzer for a bedroom or other pieces for my guest bedroom. please respond back. thanks
      I am in Southern California.

      • stephanie says

        Hi Lin I am in Illinois and not sure if you would like to pay the shipping. I have a tall boy in beautiful condition and two credenza’s with mirrors. Also the dining room set with six chairs, original material, and three leafs in original box. Sorry about getting back with you.