Merry Retro Christmas – Reader Slide Show

Seasons greetings from Stephan, Sumac Sue, Barbara, Barb & Greg, Pat, Shannon, Jessica, Tom B., Scott & Stace, Anita, Michael, Kory, Lorna & Joseph, Jsnugbear, Monimania, Loren & Amber, MaryDeluxe, Scott & his fiancee, Glamorluxe Nancy & Thommy and me … who have all sent photos of their homes all decorated for the holidays … Send me yours, readers, and I’ll update this slide show as often as possible, keeping it right here at the top until Santa comes. –> pam at retrorenovation dot com


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  1. Barb Scott says

    Scott, thanks for the kind words about the TV. It was quite the find, as the TV worked when we got it! We bought it at one of the great antique malls in Springfield, Ohio.

    We wanted to have the TV looked at by someone who knew what they were doing, so we found a gentleman in Warren, Ohio who works on vintage sets. We took it up to him, and once he had it, he was able to look it over and give us an estimate of what it would cost to fix. Then, once he had completed any repairs, he delivered it back to us and installed it so that it was done correctly.

    There is a stereo underneath the set and it works as well. On the far bottom sides of the base cabinet are speakers in one half of the doors.

    For most of the year, it holds my collection of Franciscan Starburst and some other vintage items. On holidays, it holds our ever-growing collections of vintage items.

  2. says

    Barb, I have the same light fixture as you! Where did you find yours? I found mine at an estate sale for 2 dollars. It was a good day! I have seen them at vintage stores for a bunch of money.

  3. sumacsue says

    What a wonderful show to watch this Christmas morning! Thanks to Pam and everyone else for sharing their Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas!

  4. Barb Scott says


    I am assuming you mean the one in our dining room. We bought ours at an antique mall in Springfield, Ohio (they have several malls, all very close to one another. You could make a day trip of visiting them if you are ever in Ohio). You got a GREAT deal….we gave about $50 for ours. My husband took ours all apart, cleaned it, and put danish oil on it.

  5. Nina462 says

    I know this note is now 2 years late – but Tom B who lives on Winter Forest Drive…I think I know your house! I think you’re in my neighborhood – Does Winter Forest connect onto Green Forest & Woodland? If so, then yes – I’m your neighbor!

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