More Broyhill Brasilia furniture — and a new Furniture Favorites section


Several fans of Broyhill Brasilia furniture wrote in after a recent post. Yummy, look at this room divider from jsnugbear, Allison has one just like it, too.  All this furniture talk — along with the evolution of the blog — has led me to introduce some new “Furniture Favorites” pages. Starting with:

  • Broyhill – Brasilia is started with a full-blown page of its own, Saga to come
  • Drexel – Declaration is started and will get a full-blown page; Peasant Provincial, Litchfield & Dutchess County, Inspiration for now are links to individual posts.
  • Knoll – Saarinen tulip table and chairs are next on my t0-do list.

I am absolutely no furniture expert. So – what are your furniture favorites? Let me know — along with what you know about them — and together we’ll build a complete catalog.


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  1. Nicole says

    This looks to be the line that Todd Oldham designed for La-Z-boy. They unfortunately ended the partership last year. I wasn’t crazy about the early stuff but the later line was terrific – full of awesome pieces that would go great in a mid-century home.

    I put buying furniture on the back burner (small children) and now I am kicking myself.

  2. says

    I was the middle of saying something on the phone to a friend and then lost my train of thought when I saw this ABSOLUTELY STUNNING piece of Broyhill magnificence.

  3. Jason says

    Hey Pam, I was becoming discouraged searching for Mid Century bedroom sets as they were either just not what I was looking for or they were incomplete. Then I came accross Art was very accommodating with my purchase of the long 66 inch dresser w mirror, the Magna dresser and a queen headboard. I learned that Brasilia began in 1962, which I thought just a few years too “new” for my intended look, but I liked the style and was certainly Mid Century, so I decided to go with it. The pieces are very well constructed and have substantial weight. AND they look great. Will later buy a couple of night tables.

  4. Julia B. says

    Is there a page for Saga? I recently discovered this cool design, and it’s one DH and I actually agree on. I’d love to read more about it.

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