Retro renovation resolutions – 2009


Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Improve the navigation/design of the blog – to make it easier for readers to find all the recommendations, inspiration and learnings.
  2. Diligently add to and refine resource-recommendations to help everyone with their projects.
  3. Promote pinch-pleat draperies (2008, continued).
  4. Promote wallpaper (2008, continued).
  5. Promote closed toilet lids.
  6. Save some pink bathrooms
  7. Maybe, possibly, create an American job or two by helping to sell more Dishmasters.

How about you?


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Get our retrolicious free newsletter.


  1. Femme1 says

    My retroreno resolutions are to:

    1) Take photos of my kitchen restoration and send them to Pam! We’re not doing an entire top to bottom job, just putting in a new floor (Fritztile terrazo?—STILL not decided yet), painting the walls, polishing up the old original formica, and putting in vintage light fixtures.

    2) Do something about the yellow Chambers range that has been sitting in my garage for two (three?) years. Like restore it (big job). Or send it somewhere to be restored.

    3) Reupholster the seats that go with my new (to me) vintage Drexel Profile dining room table. Then send photos to Pam for the site!

    4) Sell all the vintage items that I’ve been collecting to sell for the past two years.

  2. Superbeetle says

    Well, Pam, you’ve sold me on the dishmaster! My resolution is that there WILL be a Sidesaddle Sue installed in my kitchen in 2009! (On my ca. 1939 double drainboard sink with original metal cabinet!.)

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