Six great 1961 interiors – floors, furniture, art, outrageous interiors and more

I have been reading everyone’s suggestions for updates to the blog – many thanks! – and keep them coming.


I already was on course to add many more photo galleries – and I get my fancy gallery tool and tutorial later today.


Meanwhile, I could not hold off from showing this delicious 1961 eye candy – photos from Kentile and Congoleum Nairn ads during the year.


1961_kentile-mosaic-santa-sofiaAren’t these so…70s? It is SO INTERESTING, when you start wading through periodicals, that so many trends were foreshadowed a good 8-10 years before they were adopted by the masses and entered our collective memories now active today. I swear, our 1971 split level had features just like those here. I could be wrong. I need to study the 60s and 70s more. That’s coming, too.




Click through to see these side-by-side in a gallery.


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  1. Brenny says

    Oh! The cabinet hardware in the kitchen with the bamboo cart! I love them! I have been looking for unusual hardware for awhile now. I really yearn for a “atomic star” design but my search has been a dismal failure. This hardware is interesting though!

  2. Tikimama says

    What about that amazing *raised* dining area! Looks like it should have a canopy above it like a carousel! Pam, do you have or have you seen Conran’s House Book (the original from the 70s)? Even though the 70s aren’t my favorite era for design, I drool over this book. It’s like the “bible” of decor for the 70s the was the Armstrong books are for the 50s and 60s. I’ve seen it in used bookshops a lot, and I think it’s worth having for any design/home-improvement enthusiast.

  3. 1953 Ranch Anita says

    Great images! The Kentile mosaic vinyl flooring sample shown here is in the bathroom of my 1953 house. It even has metal corners (I am sure there is a more technical term). I am pretty sure it is the original flooring. The house has had only two owners before me and I talked to the last owner about remodels and he didn’t mention about replacing the vinyl. So, I’m thinking that the Kentile mosaic vinyl is a 1950’s thing.

  4. Sharlene Curnow says

    I have a towel bar and towel ring(double ring) from the “Star Line Housewares, Inc.” bathroom accessories line. I have no use for them I found them at an estate sale with the intent to install them in my home and ended up not doing so. I can tell they have never been used just need to be cleaned up with sos pad no rust or pitting. I am at a loss as to what to sell them for “fair price” could you help me?

  5. ElizaO says

    Why is everything in today’s Mod Up-to-Date style so bleek and blan now!? I am most sure that if I had the option for a pink appliance vs these new stainless steel that are all the rave, I’d opt for pink. Now it almost cost an arm and a leg to get those appliances. I live in an apartment unfortunately and have rules about hat I can and can not do to my home. I have dark maple cabinets, granite counters, stainless steel appliances. What I wouldn’t give to spray food safe pink on paint all my appliances, and paint my cuboards. Does anyone out there know what I CAN DO to Retro Renovate my sleek up-to-date apartment? I wouldn’t live here if it weren’t brand new and rent cheap with resort style like licing and it having proper ac and it being so close I can walk to chool and work and am in the heart of the antique markets. My first apt I rented, favoring the never updated 60’s style OR the modern niceties such as central ac made me opt for newer places and swap “sleek” new style appliances for my beloved 50’s-60’s style. PLEASE HELP ME with advice on what I can do to make that old charm come alive in my “sleek” rental. I CAN PAINT, but as far as demolishing or painting the buildig wooden cabnitries, I dint think they’d be too happy.

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