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  1. bsmet94 says

    Good God that’s hideous! I love retro, and I love pink bathrooms, but that thing is ridiculous. Nice, classy tile work on the wall, though…

    • says

      Bsmet, “hideous” not allowed here! “Interesting” … “Creative” … “Majestic” = better! 🙂 You have to admit, this belongs in a 50s museum!

  2. Femme1 says

    Wow…interesting! Sort of an ecclesiastical feeling there, eh? As a Catholic kid, we used to play priests and nuns a lot; this vanity would have been perfect for a pretend altar!!

  3. Palm Springs Stephan says

    An explosion of pink Formica! It is indeed “interesting,” even “amusing.” And now that Femme1 mentions it, I can definitely see ecclessiastical overtones in it … all it needs is water in the basin and a few red votive candles and you’ve got a combination baptismal font / pre-dieu. Just toss an Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in front of the upper mirror and voila!
    But this “lovely” installation appears more Deco than Mid-Century Modern, at least to my eye. Bow fronts, slanting angles, lots of mirrors, overstated … it’s “The Women” (original version) meets “I Love Lucy.” I know we are all about Saving The Pink Bathrooms, but there has to be a limit …. doesn’t there? Save the vanity base, trash the massive mirror surround.

  4. sarapj says

    Pam, you’re absolutely right; it’s gorgeous. It’s so over-the-top that it really needs a homeowner with a sense of adventure (and humor). It’s got a Greek goddess feel…don’t you think? And I agree with Palm Springs Stephan, it’s definitely “deco” in that weird 1950s interpretation of deco. Pam, please let us know if you find out if this has sold and what the buyer’s plans are for it. Inquiring minds…

  5. bsmet94 says

    Yes, I knew it reminded me of something! You could practically say mass at that thing. It really is the mirror surround that I object to. The vanity base is not that bad, and I agree it is more art deco than anything else.

  6. Tikimama says

    I like it! But I would probably remove the mirror surround, too, and put up those cool vertical sconces like one reader showed in their bath remodel (Lawrence someone??).

    PSS, if one used it as a prie-dieu, I fear one might have a distracting view of one’s cleavage or below-the-belt area courtesy of the lower angled mirrors! Not too good for praying!

  7. sumacsue says

    I’m wondering if that massive mirror frame might contain some storage areas on the sides — say, for rolls of toilet paper? And that slanted area above the sink looks like it contains more storage and maybe even holder for a box of Kleenex. Then there is all that storage down below. OK, so it is really, really, different. But, it does offer a lot of storage potential! (For the wine and wafers?)

  8. Glamorlux Nancy says

    Sumacsue – Yep, there is storage… Here’s the description: “Pink and white 4′ vanity with curved side doors and center drawer. Backsplash has a built in cupholder, metal tissue box, and two sliding glass doors for storage. Mirror has cabinets on both sides. Additional door on top of mirror has ability to hold a light (needs a hinge.) This is a princess vanity. ” Very cool… I’m tempted…

  9. Elvis says

    The description of a princess vanity doesn’t quite do it – I’d say more like Queen Bee! “Majestic” piece, thanks so much for sharing the fun!

  10. bepsf says

    This is so over the top – it’s perfect!
    If I lived on the east coast, I’d borrow a truck and go get it – You just don’t find creativity and craftsmanship like that anymore

    I hope it finds its way to a good home

  11. Maggie says

    Are there any details here that indicate it’s definitely from the ’50s-60s? To me it looks more like that fake-deco style that was sort of “Coke-Dealer Chic” in the 1980s … sort of disco-deco. That Miami Vice look.

    I’ve seen formica bathroom cabinets built in that style in ’80s-era houses — usually with gold glitter in the formica.

  12. lara says

    Wow! My kitchen counter tops are the same exact pattern! And they are hideous too!!! I never thought I would see this pattern again, but here it is… So, if someone would like to come and take them… I want it gone, gone, gone!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for retro renovation, but pink kitchen countertops are never a good idea!

  13. Femme1 says

    Maggie, I agree that it does look somewhat Miami Vice-ish. (I also could see this in Scarface’s bathroom.) But the Hudee ring around the sink and the faucets give this away as being of 50s/60s vintage.

    Does anyone know when Hudee rings stopped being used?

  14. lara says

    I think this is great for someone who can use it… I’m just not a pink person. Sorry, if I insulted anyone… However, I do have 1 pink/aqua bathroom that I would never change… It is original and I love it!

  15. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says

    I gotta say I love it, but then not only do I love the 50’s but I also love anything theatrically over the top!!

    Fab! Thanks for sharing

  16. Leslie says

    I think the middle (above and behind the sink) looks like an airplane bathroom. I do think of the “H” word in an avant garde sort of way.

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