A vintage TV light combined with a goldfish bowl – Barbara’s entry


Barbara S’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest. Hey, B, don’t the fish kind of get hot?

Barbara writes:


This item is the “ultimate” in 1950s accessories.   It’s a TV lamp/fishbowl combo!  In a time when it was believed that you needed to have a light on above your TV so that you did not ruin your eyesight, add to it the fun of watching a fish swim around!  We all remember the wonder and amazement of watching fish in a bowl when we were kids.  My first goldfish I named myself….”Pete” and “Repete”.  Original, huh?  We hope you enjoy “Harry” and his cool home!


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  1. Elvis says

    Want! I love it! Pam’r right about the heat on the goldfish…maybe it’s a clever way to limit TV viewing hours!

  2. Kristin says

    I have one of these too! But haven’t discovered the genius of the fishbowl…however, if the lamp didn’t cook them, the cats would!

  3. Linda St.laurent says

    Just wondering if you had any idea of the value of the 1950’s fish/lamp tv light that is shown on Found Objects Found Art is.
    Our daughter has one in excellent contition. Thanks!


      • Dave says

        Hi, Don’t know if anyone is still interested in the price of this little beauty, but I just picked it up a couple of days ago on Etsy, and I paid $150.
        Regardless, when I saw it I just had to have it!
        Since the fish tank is so small, I’m thinking of putting a single Japanese fighting fish in it. I’ll let you know on the life expectancy of a TV Lamp Fish…..

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