50s housewives would have approved of this Nutone Deluxe Ironing Center

nutone-deluxe-ironing-centerI am in love with this NuTone Deluxe Ironing Center – with a plug, a light and a swiveling ironing board built right in. Just like a mid century housewife, I love any kind of recessed appliance. They are so handy to have if you are working in a small space. This model also has the ability to use a mirrored door, so you could even put it in your bedroom. At my house, I iron in the mudroom, I wish I had installed one there so I didn’t have to lug the humongous ironing board out every time.  Nutone Ironing Centers


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  1. scathingjane says

    I’ve used the IronAway for the last 8 years in my last ranch house. What a great product! After living in olde apartments during my college years that had buil-tin boards, I could not undestand how this concept disappeared from kitchen/laundry areas.

    I think the IronAway models have a longer board (40+ inches versus 29 inches on the Nutone with the swivel board). I like the swivel board for more flexibility in locating the unit.

    One of these units (either from IronAway or Nutone depending on space) will grace the new retro-reno in the next few weeks. And sorry, sticking with my Whirlpool front loaders for laundry. I just can’t go back in time there…


    • Pam Kueber says

      Thanks, Jane, for the tip. Goodness, every time I look at these – either model – I want want want and wish I had built into my mudroom! Hey, this would even be great for a bedroom close to the closet, with a mirrored door.

  2. Elvis says

    I loved the foldaway ironing board in my bungalow. Now I see we could have one in our 50s ranch! I would be SO much more likely to iron if it wasn’t such a production to get everything out….

  3. anita says

    Wonderful idea, always wanted one, and I also don’t know why they ever went away, but am glad they are back on the market!

  4. Maureen says

    Doh! I didn’t realize that this was still available on the market! I should have built one into the basement! There will be no persuading my dh now! What a great idea!

  5. says

    We have a foldaway ironing board in the kitchen of our Doelger home in Daly City, as do most of the Doelgers. The kitchens here also each sport a small mirrored cabinet which we’re told were so the housewives of that era could store and touch up their makeup right in the kitchen when the doorbell rang, etc. Gee, one could cook, iron and stay beautiful without ever having to leave the kitchen.

    Some neighbors have removed the ironing board and put in shelves in order to use the cabinet as a spice rack.

    I love the swivel –our current board is hard to use because the kitchen table gets in the way– and built-in outlet and light of the NuTone, though; maybe I should just replace our original unit with one of those.

  6. says

    Heh, I was just telling Jeff about this and he showed me that the one we have already does swivel. I didn’t even know it, but was wrestling with the table every time I ironed.

  7. Robert says

    A) I find this impractical for me. When I iron I drape like shirts to iron the backs or t-shirts—yes I iron my white under shirts—-I drape those on that big end. So with this—how do you use and have access to that big flat end?

    Perhaps the referenced swivel would free up that free end.

    B) I bought my house in 1997 and in my back room was a tag by the seller’s agent stating –Built in Feature—and it was one of these types of boards. Never used it for the reason above. Mine did not have a swivel feature. But I kept that tag on until this past summer when room was gutted. My friends and I referred to that tag and board often stating that my fixer upper “had a built in feature” meaning that I have such a wonderful home—LOL. That tag always was whimsical and brought me back to the day and time period of my home purchase. I now regret that I pitched that little note card tag. Memories!!!

    The board went straight into the dumpster.


    • Marji says

      It’s true , the built ins are not as handy for serious “ironers” but they are great if you have small children in the home since they can’t be knocked over by busy little bodies that can get burned by a falling iron or the hot water that might be spurting out of a falling iron.Trust me ,I know.You can attach a hook on the inside of the door to hang the shirts on as you work – it just has to be on either side not the center so the door will close when you fold up the unit…I have one off the laundry in our knotty pine finished basement. I have another that we had in our bedroom but remodelers have’nt been too interested in re-installing it for me.( I like the idea of popping it up and back into the wall – I always thought my mom was lazy for leaving her free standing one out all the time-Plus I love all those old “Tom & Jerry ” cartoons w/ that type of board in their cartoon home).We did a major update last year and all the cherry places for my upstairs ironing board were pinched by the hvac people for ductwork. So I ‘m back to a free standing one that I have to find a home for- til they finish the kitchen in the next few months…Man, I really do miss that handy little ironing board ! guess I’ll tighten the reins on that remodeler after all.!

  8. says

    Just found this site. I am desperately looking for a built-in ironing board to put in my 1926 bungalow. I have the cabinet and door, but no board inside. If anyone else has one they would part with, please let me know! Thanks so much…

  9. says

    Hi, Pam, thanks for the welcome and the link. I do like that board, but I have the empty cabinet in my kitchen wall that I want to fill. The newer ones are a different size. I’m considering hiring a carpenter to replicate the old one – – – if I could find a good picture for him to copy. Have a great day!

  10. Gabbie says

    I have a fold-out ironing board in my 1949 Cape Cod. It’s wooden with an extra small board that folds out on top for ironing sleeves (I guess). It’s a cute feature but I almost never iron anything. If I were to ever remodel my kitchen, I’ve always thought that I would make sure I saved the whole unit and just have it moved somewhere else in the house.

  11. Abby Vanderbilt says

    Hi Pam,

    I LOVE, LOVE your website. It has been sooo helpful as I try to design a retro laundry room from scratch.

    Question: Does a Hoosier cabinet have any place in the design of a retro laundry room? They were popular in the first decades of the 20th century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoosier_cabinet

    I have just the top part – it’s painted cream with original hardware.
    Thank you!

    • pam kueber says

      Well… in a midcentury home that you are trying to decorate with strictly midcentury furnishings, I’d say not. However, if you are more liberal in your definition to include stuff from the pre-war era that might have been moved to a new midcentury home, sure. Do what you love!

      Thank you for the nice comment!!!

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