My 1,000th post

1,000 posts – a milestone reached today. To celebrate, one of my favorite photos ever of my kitchen – from Will Wendt. Thanks, Will, for letting me feature this. And thanks to all readers for your awesome incredible fantastic support and community. This is way fun.


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  1. Tikimama says

    That’s some accomplishment Pam! Thank you for your dedication to this blog – we readers can always count on you for a new treat every day. Not many blogs can say that! I know bunches of us have said it before, but you and this site are truly a bright spot in our day!

  2. lynngweeny says

    I wake up with your post first thing every morning while I drink my coffee. While I might be groggy and a little cranky Retro Renovation is always waiting for me all sunshiny and happy. For that I thank you.

  3. says

    Yea for YOU!

    My grandmother had that same sign in her kitchen!
    I’m taking your suggestion about wallpaper-looking for great ’50 style mermaid/underwater paper for the downstairs 1954 bathroom right now.
    Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Elvis (aka) Jane says

    Congrats, Pam!
    TikiMama spoke for me when she said, “you and this site are truly a bright spot in our day!”

    • Pam Kueber says

      Thank you all, you are so sweet. Stop, though, I can’t take it. Just workin’ hard for a cause that excites me, that’s all!

  5. sumacsue says

    Congratulations! I’m glad to see your wallpaper up close. I had assumed it was an atomic print, but, I see it is more colonial. That’s a good way to tie your mod kitchen in with your more colonial house. Love the rooster in the suit — he’s like Foghorn Leghorn, one of my favorite cartoon characters from the 60s! Also, I love green glass. Are those candle holders?

    • Pam Kueber says

      Hi sumacsue, the wallpaper also has little gold flecks in it, it’s neat. I like how it’s just “strong enough” to complement all those aqua cabinets. The rooster is a leftover from my country days…I like the homey touch. And yes, I think those are candle holders. Although the olive coloring on the glass flakes right off it you touch them – so I don’t. I liked bringing the avocado green into the kitchen!

  6. PugFreek says

    Happy 1,000th post to you!
    Happy 1,000th post to you!
    Happy 1,000th post Retro Renovation!
    Happy 1,000th post to you!

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