• Retro style refrigerators for your 40s 50s or 60s kitchen – from Big Chill


    If you are looking for a vintage style refrigerator, the folks at Big Chill now have two sizes. I kind of like the look of the new, little one – it is more in the scale of what I’ve seen on true examples from the 40s and early 50s in particular. And they certainly do have the rainbow of retro colors covered.

    Images from: bigchillfridge.com

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    Click twice on these thumbnails and they will enlarge quite a bit:

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    1. Ohhhh…welll…don’t tell the hubby, but I am in love! This is exactly what we need for the kitchen. Now we just have to wait for every other appliance to stop breaking so we can save up some $$$!

    2. nancy burton says:

      We have one of these in red & love it! It looks like a big Coke box!

    3. sablemable says:

      Oh, I LOVE it! But it’s too late now to buy one, as we bought a new fridge in October. Darn.

    4. The pic you chose–with the green/cream VCT floor–is the #1 image in my perfect kitchen folder!

      Sadly though, even the smaller fridge is deeper than cabinet depth. (sigh)

    5. Pam Kueber says:

      Wendy, I had a sage-and-cream floor like that once – it was great. That green is a very adaptable color. I agree regarding the depth, I wish it were cabinet depth, too.

      Readers – all fridge reco’s are now catalogued on the Kitchen Fast & Easy page. Click here

    6. If only they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Try looking up the Gorenje fridges as well. They are perfect but I have yet to find a US distributor.

    7. I have an original GE refrigerator in my basement kitchen – circa 1955….it has really cool lazy susan style interior shelves! I just wish it would fit in my upstairs kitchen. I even have an original stove, too.

    8. Oooh, the green one is great! They sell mini ones at Kmart, I mean like 20 inches.( In Australia I mean, but probabbly in America too!Sorry if my inches are off but we use the metric system!)

    9. I’ve been coveting one of these for years!

    10. I just did a complete reno and bought the Big Chill in jadite green. I love it, my husband doesn’t because he got used to a bottom freezer. It is HEAVY! And when we rolled it out to get behind it during the reno, it left wheel gouges on my wood floor. The only problem I have is there is no light in the freezer. It’s basically a Whirlpool with the big metal cladding around it. So far, since August, we’ve had no problems with it.

    11. Swoon!

      I checked out the website but it isn’t available in my country, at least not with repair-ability. Doh.

      I’m in the market for new appliances but retro-looking stuff isn’t available locally.

    12. Yeah, many years ago I looked into getting a Big Chill (I love British decorating magazines and the Big Chill is advertised in them) and they are very very expensive in the states, if you can get one. Why can’t we have super cool fridges?

    13. hey pam, i actually have a tattoo of the green refrigerator. love the site!

    14. A tattoo? Please
      send Pam some pics!

    15. so i finally registered as a real member! yay! here is a picture from two Halloweens ago when i dressed as a 50′s housewife and decided to show of my new tattoo!
      hopefully my html works:

    16. PugFreek says:

      It dosent.

    17. I saw a DIY where they put in a retro fridge in a kitchen… and i fell in love. i can’t wait till we have our very own home and i can have my very own retro fridge!!!!

    18. How do the Big Chill refigerators hold up compared to more traditional brands?

    19. girlhende1 says:

      Elmira stove works has a pretty good line of retro fridges too (under the Northstar label). They even have a counter depth French door model now! As soon as I buy my own house I’d love to install the Big Chill stove, microwave, and dishwasher and the Northstar 1959 fridge. It’s all about the Beach Blue, baby!

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