I love the Vermont Country Store for its fabulous retro home products

chenille peacock bedspread from vermont country store

Do you know about the Vermont Country Store? This is a great little company that offers a long list of home comforts and long-forgotten brands. For example, I love their chenille, ribbed, plisse and seersucker bed coverlets. Oh, and its gazillion other products straight from the molds and machinery of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. From aluminum tumblers… to  Munsingwear pajamas… to soap-on-a-roap…and much more… the place is a treasure trove. Start here at bedding, and get on the list for their catalog, for sure.


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  1. Juji says

    ooo I agree! I can’t get enough of the Vermont Country Store. Each time the magazine arrives I imagine what it must have been like in the old days when you couldn’t just find what you wanted on the internet. You had to order it through a catalog.

  2. says

    How have I lived this long without knowing about this catalogue?? I LOVE those bedspreads. I have nowhere to put one, but it almost makes me want to add an addition to the house just so I could make a room to display that splendid bedspread!!

  3. atomicbowler says

    I almost died when I saw the canned haggis offered for sale. Oh, wow…fresh haggis is foul enough, I cannot imagine eating it out of a can. They have a special when you buy more than one can, as well! (Maybe to try and get rid of it??)
    Yes, please ship me 10 cans of Haggis and a case of pickled pig’s feet, please! (um…I actually LIKE pickled pig’s feet, though)
    Does anyone want to know exactly what Haggis is and the traditional way of preparing it?? I’m itching to fill y’all in.
    My last name is W-H-Y-T-E, some say it is the ‘english’ spelling but it’s the SCOTTISH spelling according to my elder relations, you see.Never worn a kilt, but I did get dragged to a Highland Games weekend once and was forced to sample the joyous dish!

  4. Christine says

    Oh, I LOVE that catalog! Bliss is the day their Christmas catalog arrives in the mail, full of retro items and candy!

  5. Happy Daze says

    Thanks for the tip, as I’ve been looking for a tufted bedspread, and haven’t found many at estate sales. My parents had one when I was little, and my sister and I used to pretend their bed was a giant cake with marshmallows on it.

  6. says

    I LOVE Vermont Country Store! All those old-timey things are awesome. Christmas stuff, candy, food, housewares–even clothing…..I’ve purchased lots of stuff there. Great customer service too!

  7. Alice says

    I do love this chenille coverlet and have had my eyes on it for awhile. However, I must caution that I have ordered some other items from Vermont country store and have been sorely disappointed in the product quality, so do order with care.

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