Vintage Frigidaire Flair – the all time favorite for a 60s kitchen?

vintage frigidaire flair stove

vintage-pink-frigidaire-flair-ad-2.jpgFlickr friend Two-Bad provides these images of his (her?) Frigidaire Flair range, along with a vintage ad. Readers say that Samantha Stevens had one in Bewitched. While this model had many imitators – for some reason, the Frigidaire Flair seems to be everyone’s favorite. And look at how great the Danish Modern orange looks with the pink… and the gold… and are those popovers in the oven on the left? Many thanks, Two-Bad!

vintage frigidaire flair stove

vintage frigidaire flair stove

vintage frigidaire flair cabinet

vintage frigidaire flair cabinet

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  1. Chris says

    We remodeled a 1960s built home and have a Flair range with double ovens look almost new as pictured above along with the vented hood. Before removing it everything was working on it except the clock. We also the custom wood cabinet it sat on. The home had to be pretty much state of art for the time with Nutone intercoms in each room and outside with wall mounted AM/AM tube type radio and turntable. We kept all this along with several lighting fixtures thinking we may find something to do with them but after looking at your site think someone may appreciate them more more than us. What site would you suggest to sell these items and a fair price.

  2. BJ LeMaster says

    I have broken one of the knobs that control the temps for the burners. Do you have replacement knobs? I just need the black center that is plastic, but will buy thei whole knob if I need to….?? Thank you, sure hope you can find one!!!

  3. Becky Bullock says

    I have a Flair Range as pictured, the larger oven does not work,. Do you know of someone to contact for repair and parts. We live in Arkansas, Little Rock area.

    Thanks for your response.

    • Erin says

      I grew up with the Frigidaire Flair range, my parents still have it in an apartment they rent, it was bought new around 1960. So far every tenant has called with the “oven not working” issue and every time it has been the automatic oven control was set on auto instead of manual (or it may be the other way around, sorry). But before you call for a repair person make sure the oven control is set properly! This setting only effects the large oven and it is for timed cooking.
      Erin in CT

    • Lauren says

      Hi Vicki,

      Keep your eye out on Craigslist, that’s a good start. But fyi, just south of Asheville slightly over the border into Georgia is John Jowers at Antique Appliances in Clayton, Georgia. He has been in the vintage stove business for years. You can possibly find one through him, or know where to start. I lived in Raleigh and the chances finding one in the Piedmont are pretty good! Here’s his website,

    • Jessica Dolan says

      Hi Vicki,
      I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair for sale! The only thing that doesn’t work is one of the oven lights, but it also been checked out. The unit is in great shape and is located in Central PA. I understand this a bit far, but there is the chance for affordable delivery. Are you anywhere near Asheville? If so, I have vacation plans and could cart the stove for you.

      I have photos available so just let me know! Thanks so much! Feel free to email me at or call 8143601063,

    • Linda Harpe says

      I am having an estate sale in Statesville,NC, in April and we have this stove and it works. My mom loved it.

    • roy dulaney says

      my mother-in-law just passed away and we are selling her frigidare 1960.s range. it is in excellent shape, everything works on it and it looks great.

  4. Aimee says

    I’m a long time reader and I wanted to share my happy news…I bought a 40″ Flair last week, after wishing and searching for years! It will be the showpiece of the (eventual) new kitchen in our 1964 home!

  5. Meredith Lizmi says

    Hi I am from Baltimore Maryland and we have a custom imperial frigidaire flair. We are going to be remodeling and need to sell this beauty! The heat minder burner and clock do not work (the roaster thermometer writing is partially removed and does not work) otherwise the two oven’s and 3 burners work great along with the fan! you can check out the add and pictures at Craiglist of Baltimore

  6. says

    I spied one of these in Pete and Trudy’s (and Baby Tammy’s) new suburban home last night on the season 5 debut of Mad Men. So much delicious MCM design to check out. I love. love. love. Don and Megan’s hip new pad and enjoyed seeing the juxtaposition of the ultra-mod living room with the more traditional (albeit with very mod colors) master bedroom. First Samantha, now Pete and Trudy. Seems like everyone wants a Frigidaire Flair! Attached link is info I found on the FF, not my personal website.

  7. T. W. Cooper says

    We have a Frigidare Flair Custom Deluxe. We almost threw it away when we bought the house but desided to use it while we looked for a new stove to replace it. After cleaning it up and using it we fell in love with it. Now after three years of wonderful cooking and conversation concerning our stove the top element in the large oven burned out. Luckily we did find a good used elememt but it must have shorted out the current regulator. Now the large oven only gets slightly warm. We would love to find someone who can fix it. I would like to keep it from now on but i’m afraid that if we can not get it fixed we will have to part with it. Every thing else works except the electrical pulg in outlet at the front of the stove for using other eletrical appliances. We will sell it if we must, but we would like to get it fixed. I can be reached at (662) 392-0204 or emailed at Thanking you in advance for any help you can give.

  8. T. W. Cooper says

    I did get one reply on my Flair but it turns out they have one that is still working. It would be a shame to dismantle one of these stoves which is still in good conditional and working ecept for maybe one part. There ought to be somebody out there who has one that is falling apart who can offer used parts for sale. Sometimes selling salvaged parts can gross more than selling the whloe item as is. I sure thought about buying the one offered in the reply but they live in Maryland and I live in Mississippi. Thats quite a jump and as you can see a Flair aint no small piece of merchandise. I’m told by an elderly appliance repairman who used to work on these type stove that I need a thermostat control for the large oven side. He said thats usually what happens when the oven elements burn in two as mine did. He said that usually shorts out the thermostat too. The trick is that a replacement thermostat has to be from the exact same model. Mine is a Frigidaire Custom Deluxe Flair. It looks the same as the one pictured except for the color and the location of the knobs and clock, and it sits on a wooden cabinet. I would send pictures on this site if I knew how. It’s lovly and agood cooking stove and I would like to get it fixed. “So” anybody got a good thremostat for a Custom Deluxe Flaire
    T. W. Cooper

  9. says

    I’m looking to purchase an Imperial Flair (or other Flair)
    would like to get as close to Iowa as possible. In North Iowa now.

    will travel and may be willing to ship if it’s in VERY good condition.

    thanks, LOVE this stove ( i need to cook sitting down.)

  10. says

    I LOVE the look of this stove, and it is similar to one we had when I was in highschool….LOVED how it performed!! I would be most interested in the fridgidaire flair double oven in stainless. Can you suggest where to find one? I need it for a home in NC near Asheville.

    Thank you!!

  11. Allen Rose says

    My Parents have a Frigadaire Flair Deluxe Wall Oven.
    Model Number RBGB-330. I am looking for the thrmostat
    model # 5309957110. Any suggestions on where to locate one?

    Thank you!!

  12. says

    just today I have pulled out a ‘still working’ vintage ’60s custom Frigidaire Flair oven/broiler. it is a beauty, but really could not keep up with my needs. will be trying to find it a home soon on ebay

    • Bill says

      Are you still interested in selling you Flair stove? I have one an need the thermostate control stich for the smaller oven. I would be willing to buy yhe whole control panel to avoid you having to take it apart. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you are interested in making a deal?

      • T. W. Cooper says

        Hello Bill

        Yes I would be willing to sell my stove but first you must make sure that your stove and mine are the same model. I am told that very few parts are interchangeable between the different models. ofcourse if you do by the part it will render my stove useless, but if the part will fit I believe we can get your stove up and and running for a little under two hundered. It has been a show piece for us every sence we moved here, but I guess its time to let go.

        T. W.

  13. Gerry says

    I wonder if any of the makers of retro looking appliances have considered producing a Flair-styled stove? I would prefer to look at the cooking progress at eye level and not have to stoop or bend (aging back). I think its more logical and ergonomic. And who needs a range top that is always on display, collecting dust? Anyway, just a wish.

  14. Ronda Lee says

    I have a beautiful Flair oven. BUT, I am looking for the base portion. Does anyone have any idea where to find it?


  15. Candace Barrigar says

    We have the Flair without the optional cabinet below. Absolutely everything works perfectly! We did replace the burners on the range (Home Depot); otherwise it’s perfect! Now, we want to sell it when we retire in mid-2015. Any info on how to sell it??

  16. Suzanne says

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Oven model RCIB 645, double oven. Can I get replacement burners and/or elements for this?

  17. Sharon says

    My neighbor just showed us her Flair that she has had since 1967 she said she had this current house build around it :) she has been in this house for 27 years Her Flair is pristene and everything works she said except for the clock and it needs a fuse but it would require lifting the 350 lb stove so she says it is not that important It is so awesome to see this appliance in the works

  18. Jovon T. says

    I just saw this beauty today and worked it out so that I can give payments and get it! Woot! My mother actually found it on a FB yard sale site and it is in pristine condition with original instructions and everything! My mom said that my great grandmother, Nannie, had one just like it! How I loved my Nannie! Only mine has just the one oven….

    I do have a question though. I have a vintage dinette set with yellow Formica top and matching chairs and the chrome. It’s like it’s new, it’s been very well taken care of. I am wanting to do my kitchen in the black and white checkerboard linoleum, and now I have this stove. I also have a Coldspot refrigerator from (I think) the late 1920’s to early 1930’s. So here is my dilemma…I love all these pieces so so so much, but they are all from different eras…but aren’t they all kind of similar? I am no expert at all like you, Pam, but do you think these eras could be mixed tastefully and in a fun unique way without looking like I am all over the map (which I guess I kind of am, LOL). I was also kind of thinking…well nowadays people have appliances and tables and dishes and everything that are all kinds of different years old because not everyone stays “state of the art”. Like you move into an apartment or house built in the 70’s and it may have an 80’s fridge, 70’s cabinets, 90’s bathroom and you have the newest chic kitchen table or loveseat or something…yet it works nice…see what I’m saying?

    Here are the links to pictures of the items I have (except the linoleum at the moment):

    Refrigerator –

    Stove –

    Table –

    Thanks so much in advance for any and all advice!

  19. Vickie Ezzell says

    I an looking for a new or guaranteed used thermostat for my Frigidaire Flair oven. My stove is a Custom Deluxe Model RCDB-640-2. The original part number is 6564064. I understand the part numbers may have been replaced with different ones through the years. Any info anyone has will be helpful. Thank you.

    • pam kueber says

      Vickie, head to our Kitchen Help / Appliances category. At the top you will see our story about where to go to look for help with vintage appliances. Good luck!

  20. Joanne says

    The only thing I would like to say is I would like to see these come back. I like the way the oven door opens upward. No reaching across a hot oven door, or if you have a full range no nearly tripping over the oven door that is nearly to the floor. This 1960’s Fridgidair Flair is a great model. I keep hoping they will bring it back for the consumers to buy. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please. Please. :)

    • Susan frank says

      My daughter wants one as her great grandmother had one. She found one in really great condition but it’s the one door for 250.00 then asked me if I want to drive to Ohio as there is one out there for 100.00. 9 hour drive it would be cheaper to buy the one for 250.00. I love them but she still lives at home where am I going to store it! Find a buyer and set a price and hope it finds a good home.

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