Open thread: Does your significant other share your retro pursuits?

1948 GE Kitchen Lighting Ad 1948-1949-ge-kitchen-lighting.jpgGroup Therapy: Is your significant other into retro renovation and all things vintage as much as you are — or is your life a retro battleground? Has this interest strengthened bonds — or do you have to compromise (or finagle) to make it work? (Example: Like the couple in this 1948 GE advertisement, David and I juggle pretty well, but I admit, I have the estate-sale bug very bad and the number of things I constantly squirrel into the house is a source of conflict, to say it nicely…) Share your stories and tactics! This should be fun!


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  1. Christy says

    I’m very lucky! My farm-boy honeypie is enlightened.

    In fact, it was HIS idea to buy one of the 1961 Shasta Airflyte reproductions! WE LOVE IT!

    He also bought me an old-school aluminum canoe for Valentine’s day so we can camp in mid-century style 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      oooooooh, you have the new Shasta! LUCKY YOU! My honeypie said no — our garage is not big enough and we already have too much stuff. But I still adore him.

  2. says

    Hi again… My comment didn’t seem to post. Anyhow your chair resembles a design by Hans Wagner… Might want to google for further info

  3. says

    I am so fortunate. After renting for years we finally owned a home and then… nothing. I would suggest a project or some sort of decor theme and my DH would say, “Sure that would be great.” and then leave it to me to kick things off and it would go nowhere. That’s how it was until the day that the angels sang and a UFO shined a light on my head and I stood in the back of the church and said, “The Band! The Band!…” Wait, no. Wrong movie. Rewind.

    OK That was the case until the day that I suggested a mid C mod Atomic scheme. He lit up! He got out of his chair! He started waving his arms around and throwing out ideas! He extracted a credit card from his wallet! And. Stuff. Happened!

    We both love what we have done, and doing it together was/is a real labor of love… almost all of the time.

  4. jivesnake says

    My husband divorced me because of my love for mid century stuff and my changes to our 1961 house. Said he thought I “loved my furniture more than him”. Which is probably true since, unlike him, my furniture always SUPPORTED and INSPIRED me. Good riddance.

  5. Amy says

    Oops above – scrap that. Anyway, my husband was into MCM for many years and even collected a few off things he’d put away. We’re both feathering our 1960’s nest presently and it has brought us closer together. This was the era of both our childhoods, and of our siblings. Our parents are taken back to their youths when they bought & furnished their first homes and started their families (us!) Our project has been a nostalgic journey for us and our families. Plus, my husband has MCM radar – he finds the treasures! We hunt and research together – it’s been wonderful! I realize I don’t need “country” or colonial-looking “heirlooms” that never existed in my family. We didn’t come over on the Mayflower and I’m not a country girl. I HAVE my own authentic “heirlooms” that are lo longer packed away, but used & enjoyed: my mother’s MCM atomic starburst dishes, percolator, tv stand, etc – and I’m discovering what great taste my parents had!

  6. Lenore says

    My boyfriend broke up with me because he absolutely hated my mid century/atomic home decorations. My graduate degree is in art history and he did not understand the ‘Arts’ that I have the passion of. Good riddance anyway! I am single and enjoy my mid century home!!

  7. Amy says

    “Art” is right! I sat next to a young architect on the train to work one day and we talked the whole way about my love for MCM & 1960’s stuff. He confirmed that it indeed WAS “an era of high design.” I think of what the world was like then – exciting, changing. The space race, technology, modern lines & new styles (not “xxx-revival”) originality – imagination that knew no bounds. It was all manifested in the art/arts. Art is a reflection of culture.

    • Lenore says


      Yes, exactly!! It’s why I embrace MCM so much!! I hope to find a guy who embrace it as well. 🙂

  8. V. says

    My hubby was a pretty laid-back bachelor when we got married–didn’t really have a “style” and didn’t notice or fuss over decor much to begin with. Then we both fell for a 1972 house and I proceeded to fill it with 60s-70s pieces I had collected since my teens. Luckily he decided he loved the clean lines, dark woods and funky shapes of the Danish modern stuff I had gotten and proceeded to make suggestions– like a lime green shag rug under our coffee table and an abstract metal wall hanging. He regularly crashes on a lemon-yellow bean bag chair in the living room and is concerned I might move it. Thankful we ended up sharing tastes!

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