New Woodard patio furniture – vintage styles still available.

Today is Woodard patio furniture day – with this feature on current styles still made. My local furniture store has sets of new Woodard in stock, and I really liked the quality and the look. And to be sure, it’s nice to get the new enamel finish. My only nit with the new stock is that I believe the scale is significantly larger than vintage Woodard. The smaller scale seems better, in my view. But either way, new or vintage, these are great picks for your patio, deck, or porch.

Take a look at their Briarwood collection… and Windflower Mesh collection. And, see the Café Collection, Dining Tables and Tables & Accessories links on these pages for tables and other pieces in the same mesh wrought iron – without the decorative flowers that differentiate the two collections above.

Link to Woodard site.

This post was originally published on Oct. 15, 2007


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  1. carolyne allen says

    Hi Pam! Wow, that’s a cool listing for me to see! My parents have that exact set, Briarwood. It is the most durable stuff ever. They bought it in 1978 because we were moving to Italy (Dad in the navy) and were going to be living in a fairly high up apartment in Sardinia on a hill with a huge deck and we were advised that with the mediterraean wind gusts of up to 50 or so miles per hour, Woodward was the best and anything else would blow off the huge patio! It was definitely expensive for them at the time. They still have the set on their deck in Rhode Island. It is so well designed that even with no cushions, it is incredibly comfortable. I assume theirs is the smaller scale but I don’t know when they changed over to the larger scale. The stuff is beautiful, and indestructible. Dad just paints it with Rustoleum every few years and looks fantastic! I’m going to request it in the will!

  2. Jita says

    I was watching “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer” yesterday(1947 film with Cary Grant and a teenage Shirley Temple) and I swear these chairs looked just like the chairs she had on the front porch.

  3. Gary says

    I have what I believe is a vintage Russell Woodard spun fiberglass patio table and two “peacock” style chairs with round cushions. Question is, how do I determine for certain that it is a Woodard? I looked at underside of table and did not notice any tag or name etc. Can anyone help?

  4. Rick S says

    I was looking for Retro info on my Woodard patio set(s).
    I also wanted to share pictures of my Mamie Pink Woodard Patio set circa 1957. It is exactly like the 1957 Woodard ad I found on Pinterest. I know the uploader is off from the article but would love to share.
    PS my set has a little metal Woodard tag welded on underside of each chair.

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