An early St. Charles kitchen… Hollywood Regency bedroom set… and more from the 60s estate sale

vintage-dor-file.jpg The recent Hollywood Regency style estate sale was such a treasure trove of strange and wonderful mid century details that here are some more photos to scrutize. For example, this may be the only blog in the world to feature Drano in its lead post – but look at the vintage “Dor-File” mounted to the inside of the yellow St. Charles sink cabinet. I love it, I want it! vintage-dor-file-view.jpg Click through here for a total of 24 more photos from this fabulous time capsule!


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    • Pam Kueber says

      Um, Mer, no. Have to stop. Husband about to kill me. Bought some vintage clothes and a few trinkets, that’s all…

  1. nancy burton says

    Now that is the way to start the day!! Thanks for sharing! Really wish I could have been there! So many temptations! I am in love with the kitchen!

  2. Catz says

    Wow! Can you imagine the excitement of using that kitchen for the first time?! I’m a 50s tile kinda gal, but I’m in love with that pink formica bathroom. Uhhhh, I hope this house bought the owners lots and lots of joy! It’s just amazing!

  3. MidCent Keith says

    Love the napkin holders and the froggy sponge holder – definately would have gotten those! I’m looking forward to some good house sales this year – not allways the cheapest, but it is fun to explore older houses and see how the familes lived and decorated. It’s great that you took pictures to share Pam.

    • Pam Kueber says

      Shane, I opened the box – seems like the Thermaster was an insulated box and within it, was another insulated container. I’m guessing the whole get-up was used to pack large lunches for the men going to work at the factory. On top of the Thermaster was an electric potato peeler. I didn’t look at it too closely…my head already was spinning…but it seemed that it was a bowl with plastic scalpels, you added the potatoes, rotated it, and I guess they got peeled. Hmmm.

  4. Femme1 says

    Love it all, but especially the bedroom furniture. Oh, and I have one of those bright orange plastic flower thingies (mine is a napkin holder) that are above the sink.

  5. Jeff says

    Pam, thanks for the fab pics! I’ll take the whole house! Did the pink lamps in the bedroom sell? I would buy those straight away!

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