Should this avocado bathroom be saved?


Reader Jennifer spotted this avocado bathroom over on Apartment Therapy. The reader is asking what she should do with it. I sense…revulsion. What do you think, Retro Renovation readers? Should this avocado bathroom be saved? Leave your comment here – or over on the post at Apartment Therapy. P.S. I bet you know what I think!


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  1. says

    I run a company in the UK that specialises in Avocado bathrooms (and about 100 other colours), and it’s great to see there’s some interest in them on the other side of the Pond! We’re currently supplying Britain with all manner of retro bathroom ware for replacement and even new installations, from toilet seats to complete bathroom suites, so long may the Avocado bathroom live I say! is our website (just to clarify, “bog” = “john” over here!) so if anyone’s got any requirements in the way of old coloured bathroom ware get in touch – so far we’ve sent cistern fittings to New York and Montreal, but we’re still waiting for our first transatlantic toilet sale! Sorry for shameless plug….

  2. steph says

    l have the same bathroom…….same tiles and all. I got a new white toilet, painted the wall a butter yellow and put leopard accents all over it and brown rug and shower curtain and kept it shower curtain closed when not used. I have a up to date home because we remodel for a living and I have had many compliments on how I kept the older look but made it contemporary.

  3. Brian Wright says

    I love it!, Avacado (or as its now known ‘Wild Sage’) is returning fast. I have a full WS bathroom and its so cool compared to the utility white we are all supposed to love. Forget the old arrangements mix WS with gold and champaign and behold the luxury. However, its now very rare and highly collectable so I hope you still have that classic suite?

  4. karen says

    I have a camper that has the lime/avacodo color cabinets I need to find a dark color that goes with them for the cushion covers and please no flower patterns as we are going to use these curtains that have a black background and small chili pepper pattern any ideas please

  5. Diane says

    ANOTHER QUESTION!!! I just bought a 1972 home. It has a white tub and toilet, thank God! But it has the really small, square, white and avacado floor tiles, and the large square avacado tub surround tiles. I’m looking for some nice accent colors, but soft yellow just isn’t doing it for me. What do you think of a burgundy or peach? Photo’s would be great! Where can I go to see some ideas? Please help!

    • pam kueber says

      Diane, I am all about wallpaper. How about looking at some of the mid-mod designs at Also be careful about saying “thank god” when you say you have white tub and toilet… You are in the land of pastel bathroom fixture lovers here. 🙂

  6. Helen says

    Avocado and Wild sage are two entirely different colours I have a wild sage bathroom which is sort of blue green and avocado is a yellow green. Sorry to correct you but thats the case. i am trying to find tiles for my wild sage as I have some that are cracked. Any Help around??

  7. Polly says

    I am looking for an avacodo toilet. Just purchased an older home and need to replace the toilet to match the cute tub.



  8. tracy says

    I have an avocado sink,toliet and tub. I found some fantastic granite
    called rainforest that goes great in the bathroom. The bathroom looks great.

  9. Tom says

    I have an avocado green bathroom circa 1972 and am looking for a porcelain repair kit to match the sink that has a chip in it. Any ideas? I’m in Oregon. Thanks!

      • says

        I never thought about nail polish, not sure how to blend it in. The website was awesome, but they only do the repairs if I send them the sink and they charge $125 an hour. I guess I’ll just keep looking at it! lol Thanks for the tips though, I appreciate it!

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