• Should this avocado bathroom be saved?


    Reader Jennifer spotted this avocado bathroom over on Apartment Therapy. The reader is asking what she should do with it. I sense…revulsion. What do you think, Retro Renovation readers? Should this avocado bathroom be saved? Leave your comment here – or over on the post at Apartment Therapy. P.S. I bet you know what I think!

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    1. Avocado and Wild sage are two entirely different colours I have a wild sage bathroom which is sort of blue green and avocado is a yellow green. Sorry to correct you but thats the case. i am trying to find tiles for my wild sage as I have some that are cracked. Any Help around??

    2. I am looking for an avacodo toilet. Just purchased an older home and need to replace the toilet to match the cute tub.



    3. I love it!! Please save it

    4. same as mine, I love it and am restoring mine to hopefully it’s former glory.. hurrah!

    5. I have an avocado sink,toliet and tub. I found some fantastic granite
      called rainforest that goes great in the bathroom. The bathroom looks great.

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