On my retro radar: A wonderful pink, vintage Borg bathroom scale


Sometimes I wonder about ebay. That fun little slideshow widget now seems broken, and I have a bunch of fun stuff to show off! Alas. But I really want to showcase this wonderful pink, vintage Borg bathroom scale – listed by CogswellRetro – none other than our “Atomic Bowlers” Dave and Laura. I understand they are trying to clean out their excess. They have lots of fun stuff. LOVE this scale! Great lines, and it looks to be in great shape. Remember, though, readers – NEVER ever stand on these things! 🙂


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  1. atomicbowler says

    Oops, I DID stand on it – that’s how I know it is accurate! Too bad its so obvious when you adjust it by 5-10 lbs.!! Laura

  2. atomicbowler says

    Hey! I didn’t think it was so bad…I ADDED 10 pounds on the calibration dial and it says I’m freakin’ weightless when I get on!

    I was glad when I saw Laurs selling the scales…we already have a good 5 CLOCKS in every room. No worries about always knowing (more or less–you are EARLY!—you are LATE! MAYBE you are ON TIME!) what thime it is. Nice to know I can go from rooom to room without knowing how much I WEIGH!!! LOL!


  3. says

    Blush: I love my vintage scale (that I just posted about along with my 1940s influenced basement bath) and it works better than my new digital scale ~ I’m even considering tossing my new digital scale into a garage sale pile!

  4. PDXwatcher says

    Great pink scale. I’m sooo jealous. Thought I’d share this scale that I have my eye on at ebay: EnlargeVintage white Borg bathroom scale – near mint condition

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