1930s reproduction sink for a bungalow, four-square or romantic revival bathroom


When I visited Rejuvenation in Portland, I saw this wonderful early 20th century reproduction sink for sale. I am not sure of the exact timeline for sinks like this. They were originally porcelain enamel on cast iron — and I would guess they spanned the 1910s through the 1940s. This “Liberty” reproduction pedestal sink from St. Thomas Creations — is made of vitreous china. Even so – the sink looks like the real deal – gorgeous – and would be a wonderful choice for a pre-war retro renovation bathroom – for a bungalow, four-square or romantic revival bathroom, for example.


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  1. sarah says

    This is nearly a dead ringer for our sink, which dates to 1919 (enamelled iron – the original upstairs bathroom suite is still intact) if that helps! It’s a lovely repro — I’m keeping it in mind if we need to replace ours!

  2. Pam Kueber says

    Thanks, Sarah, that’s kind of what I thought. This is a style that goes way back. In my 1912 Colonial Revival in Michigan — my first renovation project — I pulled out a distressed wall hung. Put in a “sea shell” pedestal from… Builder’s Square. Remember that company? This reproduction would have been much much much much better — if I’d have known (and if it even existed.) It’s a nice one!

  3. Mark says

    That is a fantastic sink! I have the cross handle shut off valves you can see in the photo and it’s the little details like that that make the difference.
    Thanks for this!

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