Phoenix readers, catch the Dishmaster in Desert Living

dishmaster-in-desert-living-thumbnailThe Dishmaster got a nice write-up in the the April 2009 issue of Desert Living Magazine. The article also includes a nice mention of the blog and our community. Phoenix-area readers, be sure to pick up a copy.


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  1. scurl says

    neat. i just got my dishmaster about 5 days ago, and i LOVE it. my only gripe is that it’s chrome looking plastic rather than metal, but i guess that just means it’ll never rust.

    • Pam Kueber says

      Yes, scurl, the housing on the M2000 is chrome-on-plastic-composite. I asked the nice folks at Dishmaster in Indiana about this – it would be prohibitively expensive to use steel. Like out of this world expensive. But I agree – it’s still wonderful.

  2. says

    Incidentally, if you live in the Phoenix area, you can pick up a Dishmaster at Walt’s Ace Hardware on the northwest corner of Indian School and 19th Avenue. That’s where I got mine, and it was great to shop there.

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