• pam kueber says

      Sandra, the info is in the main post. Go to Bathrooms in Find PRODUCTS navigation bar above…then to hardware and accessories for all known sources to date.

      • Thomas Cox says

        why find what you want (porcelain recessed toilet paper holder), then have to find it all over again in “Find PRODUCTS”?

        • pam kueber says

          Thomas, I think that you have entered this site via a particular image indexed in google — rather than via the actual post (article) that the photo was featured in. The info on where to get the fixture is in the post. To get to the post you have to go to the nav bar. Sorry – this is a limitation of the blogging platform for some reason and how it meshes with google indexing. Hope that makes sense.

  1. eileen says

    Hi, Pam. Very helpful website. Thanks.

    Your picture of the fully recessed ceramic toilet paper holder looks a lot nicer than the pictures I see on the sites of your referenced sources. Specifically, your picture suggests an almost completely flat front surface plane (so the entire apparatus “disappears” into the tile wall). The pictures at the cited websites seem to have larger bulging edges or “lips”. Is this just a function of different camera angles?


    • pam kueber says

      eileen, I think the original photo may be quite old – companies and their product lines keep shifting. I suggest you try: World of Tile. See all my stories about them…

    • Chris Michaud says

      I know this is an old post but the reason the photo of the TP holder doesn’t match what they sell now is the one in the photo is a Lenape model #225. Now they sell AC Industries aka Apple Creek Industries products. The AC one protrudes slightly from the wall and has a more roundy look. The Lenape tiles in flush.

  2. says

    I have the fully recessed white porcelain toilet paper holders in my home but one of the plastic pivot rod has broken. Where can I get this replaced?

  3. Judy Brown says

    My boston terrior is almost turning inside out from hearing me swear in a tone of voice she does not like. I am looking for a porcelain recessed toilet paper holder that is recessed into the wall. Our demolition crew broke one on a job that I am working on. I need to have it in my possession by the end of the week to keep the job progressing, Can you help me?

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