On vacation

I’m taking my first-ever blog vacation. I’ll be logged off starting today at 2 p.m. through next Sunday, April 26. But be sure to check back daily like you always do — I’ve scheduled a marathon of some posts from the past for the next week. All comments will go into moderation. And I’m trying to stay off of email…. All so I can spend some real not virtual time with my beloved family in San Francisco. Have a great week, everyone — and I’ll see you again with all-new posts including a particularly wonderful interview on Monday, April 27.


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  1. pam kueber says

    Thank you, all. I was never able to get my act together to arrange a definitive Retro Renovation meetup in SF. But… San Franciscans might find the three of us at the Fairmont’s Tonga Room early-ish Saturday night, like 7 o’clock. We are not party animals so we’ll be there very unfashionably early. Anyway, I’ll try to twitter something more specific…if we can get more specific. I’m pooped.

  2. Elvis (aka) Jane says

    Have a great vacation from the blog – you definitely deserve it. We’ll all look forward to hearing from the rested and refreshed Pam in a week!

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