Where to find vintage style clotheslines


Using an electric clothes dryer apparently consumes 10-15% of household energy. So why not switch (when possible) to the most retro of drying machines: A clothes line. I actually picked up an old clothesline last year at a tag sale. If you want more instant (and non-rusty) gratification, I’ve also found a terrific website to find all makes and models of clotheslines and clothes drying accessories, for use both indoors and outdoors: Project Laundry List. The group that runs the site is a non-profit, and it’s hosting “National Hanging Out Day” on Sunday. So have a great and green time — hanging out!


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  1. Marcela says

    I got mine from my next door neighbor, I love taking advantage of the Florida sun…the only downside…here it’s sunny one second and the next it’s pouring down!

  2. shaz says

    I’m a big fan of retro renovation *and* Project Laundry List, so very nice to see y’all link up!

    Inside I have a laundry maid (www.laundrymaid.co.uk) and outside I have a line + a metal rack that I picked up on the street outside this house in my neighborhood:

    [link broke]

    take a look quick – it’s under contract….

  3. says

    Our house had a Sears retractable four-line clothesline on it when we moved in. Sadly, with working full time and Portland’s wet weather, it’s not a very viable alternative for us. But I still put clothes out to dry sometimes when it’s hot and sunny!

  4. Chris says

    I love this! I have one very similar in my back yard. . . .love to hang my clothes out to dry! They always smell so good!

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