Stangl birds are a great 50s collectible

stangl-birdStangl art pottery is totally near and dear to my heart, as it was the first kind of collectible that my new husband David and I started hunting. We’ve been going strong for 15+ years now – marriage and Stangl, both!

Decorative birds like these are what Stangl is most known for. They are ceramic reproductions of James Audubons’ designs. When we initially started collecting, we skipped these and focused instead on dinner- and giftware. Now, though, I’m really into these birds and on the lookout for mint deals. See my kitchen photos – and how I used the birds to perk up the display shelves flanking the sink.

These are sweethearts to collect! Then and now, they are not too expensive ($25-$50 is typical), although rare pieces can top $1000. To check out the options, search eBay “Stangl bird”. And, if you ever run across anyone who has a complete collection they want to sell — put them in touch with me!

This post has been updated from the original, which was initially published on Oct. 23, 2007


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