Kate Spade handbag ala vintage Enid Collins

kate-spade-enid-collins-handbagI have never been one for expensive handbags, but I could make an exception for this Kate Spade number that is totally mimicking vintage Enid Collins. At $375, it features: bejeweled flower pattern on linen with boarskin embossed trim, 14-karat light gold plated hardware, and custom woven turquoise noel jacquard lining.  From ebay, here are Enid Collins originals… They are less luxe, but still so absolutely undeniably fabulous and very collectible. Added benefit, much less expensive so you still have some dollar bills left to tuck inside:


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  1. Amy says

    Funnily enough I have a magazine from the early 1960’s with instructions on how to make one of these 🙂

  2. the crazy suburban mom says

    Oh those bags so remind me of the art my dad used to do… I still remember watching him for hours…and can smell the glue…



  3. MidCent Keith says

    It would be interesting to know in what country the needlework is being done for the Kate Spade bags – where were the vintage bags made?

  4. Elizabeth Mary says

    MidCent Keith,

    While I am only guessing about this, I do so with some confidence: I bet the vintage bags were American made and the Kate Spade bags are made in China or the Philipines. There are almost no handbags made in the USA these days, and that includes most of the high priced “luxury” bags — and the classic American brand Coach. This I learned by reading a fascinating book, “Deluxe — How Luxury Lost its Luster”, by Dana Thomas. While the book is fascinating, reality of what has happened is disturbing. Some of the Chinese factories seem to make the “luxury” products as well as their knock-offs.

  5. Anita says

    I remember when I was about 10 years old for Christmas I got a kit that had the bag and all the embellishments along with the special glue – so I got to decorate the purse myself. It came with instructions on where each piece was to go so it was a set pattern, mine had flowers. It looked almost exactly like the vintage Enid Collins in the ebay photo with the daisies on it. I had it for years. As I have seen these types of purses on ebay I often wondered if some of them are the ones made by little kids like me……

  6. Hope says

    I wonder if someone on etsy.com is making anything like the Enid Collins’ bags–there are so many great artisans/crafts people on the site, that I bet someone could custom-make one.

    I read the “Deluxe” book–that section/chapter on manufacturing is interesting, although my inner cynic could never be as enamored of Louis Vuitton and that upper-class Brazilian dept. store as Ms. Thomas is—too elitist for me!

  7. says

    I remember selling a lot of these bags, the work in them is amazing. Kate Spade’s is just to pricey for me. The real thing suits me better.

  8. Sara in AZ says

    One cool bag that is made in the good old USA is Harveys Seatbelt Bags. They are made totally out of seatbelts! They are not cheap, but they are practically indestructible. Here is the website and the cool story of how they started making the bags.

  9. says

    Those handbags remind me of my beloved grandmother and her friends. Nice link to vintage examples on eBay, Pam! Etsy Vintage has some listed today as well.

  10. madsarah says

    I see bags like this in antique stores all the time. A lot of them are sort of stiff and have wooden bottoms. I have one that’s really similar to the one in the picture (but much nicer) and I think I paid $40, which seemed like a lot at the time but is nothing compared to the ridiculous price tag on the Kate Spade version!

  11. says

    I cannot believe that I passed on a genuine Enid Collins at an estate sale just yesterday. It was beautiful but, I thought, overpriced. Ahem. It was nowhere near $375! Oh well, every day I learn something new…

  12. Ellen M. says

    Loved the Stiffel lamps. I have 2 quite similar- but all the white paint started to flake off. Had them stripped in preparation for powder coating, but then powder coater got cold feet.
    Any chance you could show my (childhood Crosley kitchen) unmarked oak midmod chairs (previously sent photos) so savvy types like Palm Springs Stephan can help id/ find more?

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