A 1964 blue bathroom with built-in Hall-Mack, NuTone, Textolite & more

vintage-bathroom-laundry-chute-and-recessed-scaleTHE 1964 SPLIT-LEVEL TIME CAPSULE first shown yesterday also had two great bathrooms. The full bath upstairs is a beautiful robin’s egg blue, all 4×4″ field tiles, with cheerful flowery liner tiles. There is a separate bathtub and the shower. The shower door is a true classic, and notice the terrazzo floor pan, the light, and the tile on the diagonal on the ceiling.

And there’s more: A laundry chute built into a storage cubby… and the fold-down Hall-Mack scale holder below. The laminate countertop on the dual vanity is surely GE Textolite, from the “Twilight” series . And, the owner’s daughter told me that the Nutone exhaust fan/light also had a built-humidistat that turned the fan on and off automatically when the room became too humid. Finally, there was a hidden door to the master suite, along with a door to the hall. This might have been the best bathroom ever in this history of the retro-universe. Again – not pretentious, but so well considered and well built. Click through for the slide show – 15 images in all.


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  1. phyllis says

    I have a blue toilet and bathtub… the same blue as in these pictures. I’ve been wanting to redo the bathroom because the previous owner tried to modernize it. This helps, thanks!

  2. says

    that is fantastic! it’s all so well put-together.
    and the fold-down scale is in the same style as the recessed paper towel and saran wrap/foil/wax paper dispensers we have built into our kitchen! how cool.

  3. Sara in AZ says

    That bathroom is SO awesome! I am praying to the retro renovation gods that it shall NEVER be destroyed!!!

  4. Anita says

    I keep hoping that with the shift in the economy and housing in general we will somehow as a society find our way back to the fun details of the MCM homes. The lack of pretentiousness, the complete functionality and the true amount of thought that went into the seemingly most obsucre of features. We can move away from the McMansions and take root again in houses that fullfill our needs as humans and not our egos – places to live and be comfortable with family, friends and pets. With colors that aren’t selected by high end designers and then genericized to get to the rest of Americans so we all have the same palates. Mid century decor makes me smile. There is nothing about my black granite countertops that makes me smile. Or my generic white thermofoil kitchen cabinets. But then, maybe in 50 years people will come into my house and go “wow! look at that countertop & those cabinets!!!” I kinda doubt it though. If someone started a housing development based off of MCM style and function I bet it would be a smashing hit!

  5. Maryanna says

    Wow! I love to see these bathrooms so well preserved. They were truly built to last, that’s for sure. Also, I love love love the light fixture and bias-laid tiles in the shower! Very similar to those in my light brown bathroom. 🙂

  6. Mary Brown says

    I have recently purchased a 1960’s house with a blue tile bathroom and blue tub and sink. The tile has three broken at the floor base. Does anyone know where I can find replacements?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Mary – go to the Fast & Easy Bathrooms box. All our tile resources are there. There are blues out there… Good luck.

  7. Julia says

    I have this exact NuTone fan. The heater stopped working before I bought the house and I’d like to get it fixed. I have a beautiful aqua-tiled bathroom and I want to bring it back to its glory. By the way, the wall fixture for the fan looks very similar too. What do you recommend? My electrician is stumped with the older model upstairs. Thank you!

  8. Margaret Stoffregen says

    Where can I get a bath fan similar to the one shown in the 1964 blue bathroom? Does not need to have a light.

  9. Bambi Jaeger says

    I have a pink bathroom shower just like this…but in disrepair. The shower door was allowed to leak behind the tile and ruined the tile and wall. Our shower has no light/fan IN the shower, but near the tub on the other side of the room. Does anyone have advice for preventing mildew from the moisture in such a small shower? And the shower door problem? I do not want to tear it out, but constant mildew isn’t good for my son’s asthma. *sigh*

    • pam kueber says

      Bambi, if the wall is ruined the wall is ruined. You need to consult with professionals to assess the issue — all the more so if you have a son with asthma. Although I AM NOT AN EXPERT I would think: You do not want mold to grow inside those walls. GET YOUR OWN PROPERLY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS to help you find out what you are dealing with and what to do… Good luck.

  10. Bradley says

    I need to purchase the4 exact same ceiling fan as posted on this page, it’s a Nutone fan/lite/heater. All I really need is a good working motor but I’d buy whole thing if possible.

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