Gerber’s Ultra-Flush toilet: Me like



I HAVE BEEN FEELING ANXIOUS about getting this new toilet recommendation out there into the retro universe. I see a nice toilet good for a midcentury bathroom — and the world must know. It must know!! This is the Gerber Ultra-Flush, and doesn’t it have lines reminiscent of the lovely 50s model in Susan’s yellow bathroom? I like it a lot. Gerber’s website, I don’t like it so much, though. Here’s how to get straight to the Ultra-Flush page. I think there may be another toilet like this Gerber out there, but one with swoopier less angular lines on the tank. I must find it. I must!!


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  1. Rita May says

    We have Gerber toilets in our apartment, not this specific model, and we are constantly plunging. If they’re going to force low-flow everything on us, at least it would be nice if the pressure was increased to compensate.

  2. Chuck Hyland says

    We are looking for a “comfort” height commode in dark chocolate (bean?) brown color. Would you be able to get one of these?

    Thank you,

    • pam kueber says

      take a look at Peerless – maybe they have one. If not, I am not sure where you could go…

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