Palm Springs time capsule: Birth of the 70s


SOCK IT TO ME baby: Thanks to Frank for sending us this 1965 time capsule in Palm Springs. All the furniture comes with the house, which is for sale for $796,000. –>


The more I do this blog, which started with a fondness for 50s and early 60s interiors…the more I slide oh so easily right into the 70s…which seems to have been born in 1965. In. This. House.

Here’s the appropriately sauve prose from the listing:

Smashing, Splendid, Brave, Daring and Unspoiled describes this masterpiece of seventies decor – Plus Offered Turnkey Furnished! Visually stunning custom velvet walls with vibrant colors of reds, pinks, fuschias and oranges.A unique and wholly functional residence in impeccable condition set up for full time living but with all the enchantment, allure and fantasy of a Moroccan palace. Bedrooms are canopied, swagged, with gold vein mirrored walls, ceiling to floor drapes creating an exotic and opulent atmosphere. The furnishings are custom in matching materials and colors,the pool is gorgeous, the grounds are impeccable, and the piece de resistence, a Pink Princess telephone in the master bedroom!….


Thanks, too, to real estate agent Diane Flaherty for giving me permission to feature a few photos.


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  1. Heather says

    I lived in Palm Springs for 7 years and only DREAMED of something that awesome (tile in 100 degree weather is the way to go), but I did have a friend there whose house could rival that, but on green and silver. It was glorious.

  2. Palm Springs Stephan says

    No, Mer, one of Liberace’s many Palm Springs houses was in the same neighborhood, but on a different street.

  3. Joe says

    Like, oh wow man, the colors! I can easily visualize a fondue party with Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow playing on the stereo!

  4. Valencia Bathe says

    Save it, but use it as a museum…nobody in her right mind would want the hassle of trying to live in and clean what is clearly a riot of velvet. We need not forget the past, but perhaps we need to memorialize this particular venue by selling tickets and letting people gape. Well, except as I know remember, they closed the Liberace museum…so this poor house may be out of luck. I do like the stuff you put up from the 50s & 60s, but this is gaudy and garish, no matter what decade. Just my opinion.

  5. Kirsten says

    I must be doing something wrong. When I click the link I get a property description and google map, but no photos or link to photos.

    • pam kueber says

      Oh … sorry, Kirsten, yes, this is an old post. Since we were talking about time capsules today I posted the link on facebook. A “re-run”, if you will!

  6. Cheyenne says

    Oh….my…..freaking…..God! I love love love the orange bedspread!!!! If anyone knows where I can buy one of those, let me know in another comment ASAP!!!

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