Retro bicycles from Raleigh

retro raleigh bicycleRETRO BAUBLES AND BLING continue today with: Wheels. I have a three-speed Raleigh cruiser pretty similar to this. I am so overwhelmed by technology today (*everything* is a computer now), that this simple, single-speed Retro Glide 1 looks like heaven to me.  I spent my Wonder Bread years, 0-12 living in Southern California (Carlsbad/Vista) and my #1 memory of the period was riding a bike. I rode everywhere. Every day. Every waking moment I wasn’t in school. I was free as a bird. I had a glitter-purple Schwinn with the long glitter-vinyl banana seat. Streamers on the handle bars. Playing cards on the spokes, on occasion. Those are unbelievably good memories. Check out Raleigh’s 6 2009 retro style cruisers here.


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  1. says

    I’ve had my eye on an Electra cruiser or Schwinn cruiser for a while now too… I love ’em. Give me whitewall tires, plenty of chrome, and I’m happy.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks for the tips, Miss Jess. I’ll go look these up, too — then we will have bikes, and shoes, covered! Oops, though, I think I have yet to do: saddle shoes. Who makes those best? You seem to know all in this area! 🙂

  2. Catz says

    I had a purple bike too! It had five speeds, sissy bars and a flowered banana seat, along with a basket with flowers. I think we got it from the Sears catalog around 1971. I still look to see if I can find one like that – I can picture my vintage dolls sitting on it, waiting to do wheelies in the living room!

  3. sumac sue says

    Hey, don’t forget the great tricycles we all had before we graduated to our bikes. My sister and I had red trikes, and one day she left hers behind the family Pontiac Star Chief out on the carport. Mom backed over it and the trike had a distinctive rattle afterwards, but still worked. Those tricycles were built to withstand a lot of use and abuse. So were our bicycles. We wrecked a lot and always had skinned-up knees.

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