Decorative patterned concrete blocks


WOULD DECORATIVE CONCRETE BLOCKS be a nice touch as part of your midcentury landscape? Check out this post that I did a year ago on concrete blocks used for sun screens and decorative walls. The font of all knowledge on this subject truly is Uncle Jack of Very Vintage Las Vegas — and he has been keeping up his archive as well. The image above comes from his site – and he has more info on where to get these there. Thanks, Uncle Jack!

Important Update: See my followup story with a much larger list of resources by clicking here.

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  1. ada says

    does anyone know of a location in florida to purchase the decorative concrete block? i have had no luck finding a place yet. any information would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Nick says

    I live in Northeast, OH and are looking for a supplier in this area to purchase decorative concrete block. Does anyone have a list of place?

  3. steve says

    Help! anybody know of a concrete block supplier in southern california? specifically I’m looking for some “square in square” to restore a wall. Thanks.

  4. Ron Avery says

    I am coming late to this conversation but am wondering if It is still active as I need some decorative block and am unable to locate them in eastern NC. Can any one help?

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