Decorative patterned concrete blocks


WOULD DECORATIVE CONCRETE BLOCKS be a nice touch as part of your midcentury landscape? Check out this post that I did a year ago on concrete blocks used for sun screens and decorative walls. The font of all knowledge on this subject truly is Uncle Jack of Very Vintage Las Vegas — and he has been keeping up his archive as well. The image above comes from his site – and he has more info on where to get these there. Thanks, Uncle Jack!

Important Update: See my followup story with a much larger list of resources by clicking here.


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  1. Anita says

    I have been looking at these quite a bit the last few months, everywhere I go, and trying to figure out how to incorporate some into landscape. I haven’t found them for sale anywhere yet here in the central valley.

  2. Mary-Frances Main says

    But the real question is – do we have resources for them now? Last I heard they were too expensive to ship and only one or two people were making them!
    I’ve been advising people doing tear downs to save them and sell them!

  3. Christine says

    I’m not normally a huge fan of mid-century architecture — I can take it or leave it — but I think these are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting the Flickr group link, Gretchen.

  4. Palm Springs Stephan says

    The photos that I sent in a few months ago of El Rancho Vista Estates and some of the other MCM homes in Palm Springs shows these blocks in use … in abundance!

    • Eddie says


      Where in Palm Springs can I buy decorative cement block for a resto I’m doing in the Victoria Park area of Palm Springs?

      Eddie in Seattle

  5. Thomas says

    We have a concrete company here in the city where I live (Russellville, Arkansas) who still makes them in every pattern you see on that site. I have a MCM house (one of only 2 in town) and we are getting ready to fence the back yard and pool area with them.

    • pam kueber says

      Thomas, what is the name of the concrete company where you live? Reader Scathing Jane has done research and sent me a list of companies around the U.S. that still sell decorative concrete block, and I will make sure this one is on it…. Many thanks, Pam

  6. Lori Randall says


    Do you have that list of companies around the us that sell decorative block ?

    I live in seattle and am looking for a small amount (like today…) and am coming up empty handed!

    Thanks for your help

  7. Cherie says

    Have a home built in the 70’s with a decorative block wall, flower pattern. Am wanting to add on to the wall and build another. Could I please have a list of companies that make those concrete blocks as I haven’t been able to find anyone. Thank you.

  8. Bill says

    Pam, I would also love the list of companies that still produce the concrete screen blocks. I live in Southeast PA, but have been unable to find anyone in the Northeast US that still makes these. We would love to use them in our ranch!

    Thanks so much for any help!!

  9. ada says

    does anyone know of a location in florida to purchase the decorative concrete block? i have had no luck finding a place yet. any information would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Nick says

    I live in Northeast, OH and are looking for a supplier in this area to purchase decorative concrete block. Does anyone have a list of place?

  11. steve says

    Help! anybody know of a concrete block supplier in southern california? specifically I’m looking for some “square in square” to restore a wall. Thanks.

  12. Ron Avery says

    I am coming late to this conversation but am wondering if It is still active as I need some decorative block and am unable to locate them in eastern NC. Can any one help?

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