Chrome over-the-door hanger holder

neu-home-328b-chrome-over-the-door-hanger-holderI swear, this is one of those little bits of this and that that has been around for 50s years. What do you think?  When I go to estate sales, I see them. I buy them. I must have three just like this, and another three of a derivative style.  If you can’t find your own authentic retro-treasure, these are $3.95 plus shipping online here, or I bet they have them at Bed, Bath & Beyond, maybe even your local hardware store.


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  1. lesle says

    For neckties, I have two of these spaced out on the back of my closet door, with curtain rods running through the holes from one to the other. It’s close to 25 years old and holding well.

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