Montgomery Ward American Kitchens sink bases, drainboard sinks and faucet MIB, Boise

american-kitchens-sink-1INCREDIBLE FINDS — Two American Kitchens sink bases and porcelain drainboard sinks, one with original faucet, available Mint In Box in Boise, Idaho. $500 for the unit with the base/drainboard sink/faucet, $400 for the unit sans faucet, different pulls, later perhaps? Know that you can still get these replacement faucets here – it is absolutely amazing that they are still available.

1946-american-kitchen-metal-cabinets Mega snaps for spotting this to Allen, who has a great flickr photoset under the name Roadside Pictures – be sure to check that out, too!


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  1. hannah says

    I just bought a house that has a Montgomery Ward metal kitchen sink cabinet with a cast iron enamel sink. It’s a double sink with 2 drain boards on both sides. I’m guessing it’s from either the 40’s or 50’s. I still need to research the model number. I would like to sell it to someone who will appreciate it.

  2. Amanda Ramsey says

    Hi, my name is Amanda and I recently have been doing some remodeling in my home and there was a pointless medicine cabinet in the corner of the bathroom. I knew it was old because on the inside it has a spot for used blades.. Also it says montgomery wards and it has a serial number and a model number on it. It is steel thats for sure cause it’s heavier than all get out… Can anyone please tell me more about this thanks:)

  3. Hope says

    I have the single sink with double drain boards on a metal base…I really love it but it’s time to fix up the place…..I’d like to keep my sink, any suggestions for a new base cabinet? or should I just refinish the metal cabinet?

  4. Kathy D. says

    I have this sink and base in my basement, along with another base cabinet and 3 wall units. I’m going to round up some more and reinstall them in my kitchen. I picked up 4 walls units and a pantry yesterday.

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